Friday, April 23, 2010


I was going to say that I've got nothing, as I haven't been feeling particularly crafty or creative this week. I think I may have lost my Creative Mojo, so if you happen to find it lurking around somewhere can you please send it back, I miss it. I think my sense of humour might have run off with it as well.

I have been thinking hard about what I have achieved this week, rather than all the things I didn't get done. Not much, but at least it was better than nothing!
So without further ado here is a sample all of what happened this week, (except for the boring bits and the fighting with a teenager bits).
This arrived in the mail, and I have a plan for it.

I finished appliqueing this. Actually, it was more like, if I have to applique another one of these, I will throw the damn thing into the dam, (pond for all the non Aussies), or put it on the driveway and run over it a few hundred times. So it is finished as much as it is ever going to be.

I completed this, which is the back of that (scroll back up one photo).

Then something exciting happened, a good fairy sent me a lovely Hancocks of Paducah catalogue, thank you very very much, good fairy. So I have been drooling over that and clocking up a Bank Balance Busting wish list the last couple of days.

This arrived in the mail this afternoon.
Woo hoo

Complete with cat's butt!!
Another reason to empty my bank account, the colour card, not the cat's butt!

I have been crocheting a couple more squares for the SIBOL project. Slow going, but I will get some more done in the next few days. They all badly need blocking before they go o/s. Notice my creative side has well and truly disappeared as the green/yellow/blue one is an exact copy of the one in the book 200 Crochet Squares. I never ever copy exactly, this is not good.

Finally a note about some lovely bloggy friends. Who really cheered up my week. I have had some really great belly laughs this week from some wonderful bloggers. Including a post on how to eat Vegemite and, a video on a poor unsuspecting victim friend eating Vegemite for the first time. You really made my week. Thank you. You will find the video here, on Home Matters 1st.

PS Some other stuff arrived in the mail too, but I didn't want to load too many photos, so they can wait for the next post.


  1. I want the Bella solids thingy!

    I fear the universe was a bit out of kilter for many of us this week. I'm hoping a 3 day weekend will rectify that.

    When do we get to see the whole of the creation you want to drown or run over in your driveway? And I'm so happy to see someone else feels like destroying projects that dont go according to plan. It makes me feel so normal.

  2. Why do we cats assume that we want to see their butts all the time....sheer arrogance I feel ;-)

    I love the one you are doing applique to, can't wait to see larger photo as well...I love the prints and colours!

    Excuse my ignorance but what does SIBOL stand for? I have been trying to find the people in Australia who accept Knitted/Crochet rugs for prem babies. Do you know who I could contact for that?

    I'm off to check out the eating of Vegemite :-)


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