Friday, April 16, 2010

A crappity crap week

I suppose I shouldn't really complain, as there will be zillions of people that have had way worse than me, but it's my blog and I can whinge if I want to.

Firstly I bought some Martinique charm squares, as I really liked the colours and patterns. I am not normally into pastels and I really don't like peachy tones, but I was intrigued by the combinations in Martinique. First step was to find a pattern, and the Coin Quilt from Moda Bakeshop seemed like a nice idea. How hard would it be to find a nice co-ordinating plain fabric to match.  Well, on the Sunshine Coast, really really really really hard. Yes, that hard.  See why I call my blog Sunshine? Paradise? It is paradise but paradise is not perfect. Anyway I digress, I eventually settled on a sort of aqua slightly duck egg blue. Great idea at the time, and I took the Martinique with me when I chose it, but this is the result. (BTW it was all creased as I have been carting it around with me trying to find alternate sashing.)

It is too pale and makes the whole thing look pastel and icky, basically, I can't stand it. Now normally I would throw it in a corner and look for something else to do, but I am mature older now, so rather than have a hissy fit, I came up with an alternative plan. I searched through my stash and found some fabrics that I think and hope will look much better with the sashing. So now all I have to do is unpick the whole thing and start again. Easy, ha ha ha ha ha. 

So this is what I hope will look good with the sashing. Wish me luck.

This happened at the beginning of the week, so left me in a crafty depression, and although I have shuffled my fabric stash and petted it longingly, I haven't actually done anything. I didn't even get much crocheting done either, I only finished another 3 squares of my throw.  (Sue, they are only 3" squares not 6" so it is not very big yet.)

Karma has taken to hopping into my basket that holds my throws and finished crochet cushion.  But he usually only does it when I am not here. Not impressed. I think he needs a haircut, he can't see.

To top off my fab week, I was feeling a bit crappity crap yesterday, went to the doctors today, and I have high blood pressure, yay!!!! The joys of aging and having a teenage daughter. We won't mention the fact that I have put on weight and have done very little exercise in the last few months. No, that is not the reason at all, cough cough.

To finish on a positive note. 

1. I love the Fat Quarter Shop. I sent off an email to them when I saw the result of the sashing debacle and they so kindly replied and offered some alternatives that I could use for the sashing. I am still trying to figure out which one to use as I had my heart set on a kind of coffee/latte colour, which, from what I gather doesn't exist, unless I can get my hands on a Kona Basics Colour Chart. Then I might be on to something. 

2. I am now on tablets to help with the blood pressure and that is all the incentive I need to lose some weight and do some exercise.  It is a bummer really because I hadn't put on that much weight, just enough to send my body into -what the heck is she doing- mode.

3. I read this , this week, a post by The Bitchy Stitcher, and it made me feel so much better, I cried I was laughing so much, as I am sure every quilter has wanted to do that to one of their quilts in progress.

This weekend I am going to start on another quilt which I forgot to take photos of the fabric first, so I will leave that as a teaser for another post. I can't face the coin quilt at the moment, I need a win before I attempt to fix it.


  1. I'm going to fly in the face of convention here and say I don;t mind the sashing you had for the Martinique quilt. I think you;d like it a lot more too once it was quilted.

    But if you;re not happy then change it- because like that devil quilt of mine -it probably wont matter what you do to it - you ulitmately wont like it.

    (I got some coffee/latte coloured home spun at Spotlight to colour match with some hushabye fabric I have. Do you want me to fling a pic through to you so you can have a look at it? )

    Sorry your crafting week was crap. On the up side you inspired me with your Translation Tuesday idea.I'm sitting here scheming how to make it work. So your week was not without reslt .Plus your stacked coins look pretty gorgeous.

  2. For crying out loud....replace all of these; with these '. I'm fairly sure my keyboard has dyslexia.

  3. Mine has that problem too, also misses the capital I, I am always going back and replacing them.

  4. I would agree that once quilted, it would be a lovely quilt. You could quilt some gorgeous feathers on the blue sashing. It will still, however, be a pastel quilt!

  5. I'm with QIMP I thought the pastel looked lovely (and I'm not a pastel kind of Gal). On second thoughts and another look I like what you have chosen for the 'do-over' Don't you hate having to do that! Also Karma matches your lovely cushion perfectly, I drool over that photo every time I check out your Blog :-)


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