Sunday, April 25, 2010


These also arrived last week. There is a story behind the Kona charm packs.

This is the sashing fabric I bought at Spotlight, a waste of time wasn't it, in my defence it does look better than this, it looks a lot darker in the photo.  So I will definitely be leaving it as it is and continue on. At the very least it saves me a whole lot of unpicking, and that is a very very good thing.

 From this

to this.....still needs to be a whole lot bigger

And we have had some sun this week, here's proof



  1. Wow, all that work you are putting in sure is paying off...

    Yay for sunshine :0)

  2. I would love to hear the story behind the Kona fabric. The Moda is beautiful. Do you have a project for them? I have never been a big charm user, but have found that I really like the fact that they are alread cut. I don't like cutting!! Can't wait to see what you will create.

    I love the Granny Squares. What kind of yarn are you using and what are the colors? It is so hard to really tell on the computer. They are lovely.

  3. I like that sashing with the martinique. But what do I know? I liked the robins egg blue with it as well.(shrugs)

  4. Wow; I just came across your blog and am so happy I did. How do you manage to do that?!! The colors look beautiful!!

  5. Lovely Granny Squares, the colours are fantastic. How much bigger do you want it to be? Looks big now :-)


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