Thursday, April 8, 2010

I'm busy

Raggy/shaggy quilt

This is going to take longer than cutting it out and sewing it together. 
None of my scissors will cut through 4 layers of fabric, so 2 at a time it is.

Have I told you I get bored easily?


  1. Ahhhhhhh this brings back so many memories...I've made at least 10 of these rag quilts and every time I vow never to make another because of the cutting.'ll be beautiful when it's finished.

    P.S.It's easier with small embroidery scissors...

  2. Shay, thanks for the tip, do you think you could have told me yesterday or this morning though!!!!


  3. lovely summery colours Marg. Watch your hands with all that cutting!

  4. I would have if you'd posted earlier..

  5. Raggy quilts are so fun to make. I'm glad you've got those special scissors that make the cutting easier.


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