Sunday, April 4, 2010

Sewing, pets and an Amish quilt

Most of the weekend I have spent playing with the linens from the Craft Expo. However it was interspersed with these........

Karma having a little rest on the cushion on the chair. He needs a haircut.  He looks depressed, that's because I caught him up there and told him off. Although he doesn't look like he is going to move does he.

Next, this one, yes it's her head not her backside. I had to rescue her from here as she lost balance and nearly fell. It's only jut over 6 metres to the ground!!!!!!!! (20 feet)



Then I had to contend with this...................before


Hmmmm, fortunately I had written down the order in which they were going to be sewn, otherwise I would only have 1 cat and 1 dog now. Don't you love that gorgeous lime green throw I found to use as a  base to place the squares when I was arranging them, should have warned you to put your sunglasses on.

Finally, I visited a friend yesterday, when they were in the States they bought a beautiful Amish quilt from Berlin, Ohio.  All hand sewn and hand quilted.

Isn't it fabulous.


  1. Who named the dog? Love the name. Nice to see the cat's face too.

    I'm also lovin' your quilt layout. (even with the lime green throw underneath) You're on fire with your quilting.

    Even though I'm not into Americana quilting, that quilt is quite lovely too.

    I should be off sewing blocks for my mystery quilt, but I'm feeling lazy today.

    Hope you had a great Easter!

  2. Shay, I named the dog, as he is a Lhasa Apso from Tibet, I thought it was appropriate he be called Karma. It's also good to say good Karma!!!!!
    I am not at all in to Americana quilting, but this looked fabulous.
    A mysterious mystery quilt????
    I should be doing something/anything other than sitting at the computer.
    I had a lovely quiet Easter, hope you had a good one. I didn't receive any chocs, thank goodness. I put out the word, and they obeyed. he he.

  3. Thanks for leaing me a birthday wish, much appreaciated!
    Love your quilt before and even after it was played with! Luckily you had it organised and labelled! And your littlt dog is adorable! I love dos and cats.. And admire those talented enoght to be able to quilt!

  4. Had to LOL at your naughty cat....funny how they always seem to have to get invlolved isn't it ;-)

  5. Nice blog site. I like the green backing you picked out. Certain colours do tend to pick us out don't they? Cheers, Amanda

  6. Just been enjoying a little hop, skip thro your pet pics. Laughed out loud for sure at the quilt before & after pics, typical cat.
    LOVED that Americana quilt, would go SO well in my sewing room if you ever tire of it..............


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