Sunday, April 18, 2010

The joys of parenting

An interesting weekend.   No swearing today, but there could be some soon.

Yesterday, because I am the worst mother in the world and the bitch from hell. I took my "angel" bitchypoo to the hairdressers and paid over 100 bucks for her to have a cut AND colour.

During the week, I had to take her to the doctors, as she had severe pain in her side.  No, it was not from me stabbing her with a large kitchen knife.  The doctor ordered an ultrasound as she thought it could be an ovarian cyst, or kidneys.................. or something. On Friday she had the ultrasound, and the result, ................... no sign of anything,...................... everything in perfect working order.  So yesterday, whilst we are sitting at the hairdressers,  I was over the other side of the room from her, (picture, a large, open salon, with big open space in the middle, and  about a dozen people in there) where we both know all of the staff there really well, but didn't know one single client that was in there that day,  Miss Bitchypoo pipes up with,

"Hey mum, I showed Bodie (boyfriend) my ultrasound last night."

Well, you could have heard a pin drop in there, the place froze.

A couple of people then turned and looked at me in horror.

I had to declare loudly and emphatically, that, no, she isn't pregnant. Aaarggghhhh!!!!!!!

This morning I don't know what I have done wrong to her, but I can take a guess that it is possibly because  I woke up breathing.  I am proud to report I am again the mother from hell.

Currently, Mrs QIMP and I are vying for the honour of being the worst mother in the world. Unfortunately I might have to throw in the towel as Mrs QIMP has a couple of extra years of parenting up her sleeve, which I don't think I can ever catch up.  In the meantime, I am doing a pretty damn good job by just waking up in the morning, and not uttering a single word.

I have just come back from a trip to hell Spotlight. Looking for the elusive colour for the sashing on the quilt. All of the Sunshine Coast decided to go to Spotlight today.  After looking at every roll of fabric in the store, I lie, I actually didn't look at the sparkly ones or the furry ones or the camouflage ones, but just about every other bolt and finally deciding I had to buy something as I had trekked the universe to get there, I bought some cotton voile which was the only 100% cotton that was in a sort of kind of nearly matching colour to the Martinique. Now I am not sure whether I have been an idiot in buying that, but I am crossing my fingers that the stars and Mars are aligned and it will work out ok. I also bought some more acrylic yarn for the SIBOL squares, some nice need your sunglasses bright colours.
Yet again I have managed to get trough a day without doing anything very productive.



  1. Hello Marg,
    Yes you have described the scene in the hairdressers very well! Oh how embarrassing. Well I'm so pleased your daughter was okay with the scan anyway. Best to get things checked out. This post brings back memories of when my daughters were 16. Now both 24. Still a handful I can tell you!
    I love the photo of your dog! So cute.
    Have a good day Marg,
    Love Suex

  2. Oh how I laughed at your story! It is so pleasing to hear others having run in with daughters. Mine is 35 and can still drive me made at times. Thank goodness for HRT is all I can say!
    Loving all you quilting....there's no way I would take it apart and re-sash it!

  3. Having lived through three teenagers, two of them daughters, I can relate! Someday you will no longer be an embarrassment/nag/bitch just by your mere existence... I don't miss those days!

    I think your Martinique quilt with the light blue sashing is beautiful. Once it is quilted it will look completely different and not stand out so much.

    Thanks for becoming a follower on my blog :)

  4. LOL at the hairdressers gaff, I can just picture it perfectly thanks to your great Blog. Don't you know that you never go into Spotlight unless you have all day to waste and especially on the first day of their catalogue specials?? ;-)


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