Friday, May 21, 2010

Because I don't have enough projects already..........

Another purchase

Some beautiful projects to create.

And another one.

Lovely photos of quilts, beautiful fabrics, yumm.


  1. Can you ever have too many projects ? I have my next four quilts planned already!

    If you want eye candy grab a copy of Material Obsession. That book just thrills me to my toes!

  2. Do you think I overuse exclamation marks !!!!!!!!!!!

  3. ooooh lovely, Japanese crochet book...I want!!! I have about 10 WIP's...don't want to get bored or horrors have nothing to do with my hands ;-)

  4. How boring life would be if we only had one project going. At one time in my life, I told myself I would not start a new project until I finished what I was working on. Do you know that I never finished that project? I got so tired of it and felt so frustrated that I could not start a new project. So I said "screw that" and started some new projects. I am happy now!! Those books look great!

  5. so many lovely things to little time!!!


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