Friday, May 6, 2011

Favourite Things Friday

For FTF this week my favourite is my baby, Bitchypoo......... again, as it's her 18th birthday in the next few days.
In Australia, turning 18 is a big milestone, it means you are legally an adult, you can vote and legally drink.

She has blossomed into a really lovely young adult, she is strong willed,  has a keen sense of justice and will stand up for what is right,  is responsible,  level headed,  a bit of a worrier, has a wicked sense of humour and is very mature, (except when it comes to being photographed).
I have very few photos of her as she loathes having her photo taken,  I've had to find some by stealth. She'll probably kill me for putting them on here.

So for this post only .............

Happy Birthday Emma.

This one taken by a friend quite a few years ago.
This photo was taken when she was 13,  I had it mounted on canvas and hangs in my bedroom.

I had to search through lots of My Space type photos, these are a couple of the very few ok pics of her.

Lovely child, not!

Her 17th birthday last year. She looks so young.

After  her braces were removed.

Last year at her school Formal.
She had her makeup professionally done, she looked beautiful, it was understated and looked fabulous. She hated it, she thought she looked like a drag queen so took most of it off. I did say she is strong willed.

A very recent self portrait.

I wish the very best for you in the future, I'm so very proud of you and love you heaps.

I really do hope you let me take some nice photos of you next week.

Linking to Shay at Quilting In My Pyjamas for Favourite Things Friday.

Edited to add: I can't believe I forgot to say, she was born on Mothers Day, the best present ever for Mothers Day!


  1. Dear Miss Bitchypoo,

    Your Mum loves you so much and this post was done with letting you know how special you are so dont be mad that she splashed these photos of you all over the internet because you are truly one gorgeous chick. (you should see the ones she decided not to post -be thankful )

    Have a wonderful birthday - enjoy yourself. Enjoy this truly free time to do what you want to do.

    I can truly say this is a fabulous favourite!

  2. Oh boy Marg, get your shotgun ready because she's a beauty. Especially in the red lipstick, love it. Have a fab birthday Miss BP, hope you're spoiled rotten!

  3. What a lovely tribute to a lovely girl --

  4. What a great fav. And what a georgous young woman! Hope you have a great party. Eightteen is also big over here...

  5. A beautiful post (very timely with Mothers day on Sunday). Happy Birthday Emma.... Live it up and LOVE those keepsakes of how beautiful you are because ask your Mum it all goes by so quickly and then when you are 50plus you will be wishing for some lovely pics of your gorgeous young self.
    Stunning young woman!!

  6. Thanks Michelle for reminding me that Emma was born on Mothers Day! Not the best or my favourite way to spend Mothers Day, 12 hours of labour, but a great result at the end!

  7. Happy Birthday Emma!

    Marg, I love the photo of you and Emma, it is so pretty. Emma is a really pretty young woman and I am glad she is a strong woman. I have tried to raise my baby that way also. You have done a good job raising a wonderful young woman!

  8. Happy Birthday Emma!!! What a beautiful young woman with lots of fun adventures ahead of you, and best of all a mum who'll be there with open arms whenever you need her.


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