Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Tuesday Tidbits

Wow what a week.  I had a couple of posts that I wanted to post late last week but as blogger was broken, that didn't happen. I was sort of secretly glad too as I went away for the weekend which meant I didn't have time to post to the Bloggers Quilt Festival and I would have really been pushed to do a Favourite Things Friday post.

I missed out on Pyjama Party Sunday too, but it will be back again next Sunday.

We had a wonderful weekend away on the Gold Coast. This time I went all out and stayed at the brand new Hilton at Surfers Paradise. The views were great, the weather was superb although a little cold and the room was excellent.
Warning, lots of photos.
Surfers Paradise, Queensland
View from our balcony, look at that sky.

The windows had blue tinting so the photos are very blue.

A certain someone jumped on the beds as soon as we were in the room.
The kitchen, which I didn't use!
 Love the architecture of the hotel, and the details below. It is curved, it's not an optical illusion.
The facade below would be great as a design for a quilt!
 The mosaic tiles on the columns are circular too.
I went for a walk each morning and took some photos on my phone.
Q1 Building, Surfers Paradise
The Q1 Building, it's tall.

Surf Lifesavers getting ready for the day.
Love this building.
A view along the walkway.
The Gold Coast is so different to where I live. It's much more developed, with lots of high rises, lots of nightclubs, but it's great for a bit of a change. I couldn't live there, or at least, at Surfers Paradise, way too busy for me.

I came back to find over 200 posts to read in google reader and over 50 posts in my RSS feeds.  On top of all that I want to look at all the beautiful and fabulous quilts on Amy's site for the Bloggers Quilt Festival. I am never going to get anything done around here! I've read a lot of them but had to cut back on commenting.

Monday afternoon I worked on the pinwheels and finished piecing all the blocks only to find that I had forgotten to check the orientaion of them and had sewn 10 around the wrong way. Guess what I did Monday night.
These are ok.
Being unpicked.

Spice Boxes quilt top

I was also going to start  hand quilting Spice Boxes, which has been hiding away for the last few months, but after unpicking the pinwheels, I pulled out the quilt and the frame to hold it but couldn't find the perle thread that I had bought some months ago for the quilting.
So instead of doing anything remotely crafty I went back to the computer to continue reading and commenting on blogs!


  1. boo on the unpicking .. I love the spice boxes.

  2. Nice photos, like a glossy architecture magazine. Ahh those blue blue skies! Bummer about the pinwheels! why someone hasn't invented an electric unpicker. I love your Spice box quilt, it'll look awesome with pearl stiching!

  3. Awesome pics, it's certainly a different world at Surfers. Great for a holiday but I don't know if I could live there either. That Spice Quilt is going to be rather fab when finished - looking forward to seeing how you get along with it.

  4. I forgot to ask before, why do you have " goo" in your labels?

  5. Thanks Rachael, I could make up some wonderful reason, but I must have accidentally deleted "d things" so it's now fixed and no more goo!

  6. Great photos from the weekend. Hope the unpicking goes fast, I hate it when that happens. Like your Spice Boxes quilt, love the colors.

  7. I think you are getting addicted to the stitch unpicker!!!

    Love the Spice Boxes quilt, hope you find that thread.

    Ah yes the Gold Coast...not the Sunshine Coast ;-) Its good for a change of pace though.

  8. Your digs look mighty fine and oh so classy.I havent been to the Gold Coast in about 4 years but looking at your photos brought all the good memories of a fantastic holiday rushing back. I want to go back there !

    It sounds like you had a fabulous time. Very relaxing.

    Unpicking is good for the soul...(says she who has some unpicking of her own to do if she can just stay awake long enough of an evening)

    I love Spice Boxes and hope you find that perle cotton soon. Then you can sit legitimately in front of the TV secure in the knowledge you're still creating.

  9. Very Swish weekend...lovely photos. Shame about all that unpicking.

  10. What a lovely trip away! I vote that someone invents a machine to unpack for us because I detest it too! Loving your quilt :) xx

  11. Marg, well who wouldn't want to visit Queensland now with such awesome photos, I must say i do love to visit the Goldie. Love the spice box quilt too.

  12. Wow! The Gold Coast certainly is beautiful. Looks like a great place for a vacation.

    I hate having to unpick--but it sure happens to all of us.

    Love the colors in spice boxes.

  13. Great photos, hope the vacation was as great!

    I am working on some pinwheels right now, but used a white on white as a second color, so they are kind of hard to mess up! Yours will be really pretty when you finally un-pick!

    I often find myself going to the computer when I don't want to face something unpleasant!

  14. Wow! It looks like you had a really beautiful holiday. Thanks for sharing.

    xo -E


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