Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Tuesday Tidbits (and tails)

Look what I received in the mail today. A beautiful crochet pin cushion from the lovely and very kind Rachael at Clever Cheshire Cats, isn't it gorgeous, I absolutely adore the colours, it's so pretty.

Rachael popped these in the parcel too, how did she know I love chocolate. A girl can never have too much chocolate.
Thank you very much Rachael.

After my stuff up with sewing on the weekend, I lost my mojo, again!  I just couldn't motivate myself to do anything, it didn't help that my dining table looked like this. Actually it was worse than this, I'd already started cleaning it up when I remembered to take a photo of the evidence.

After what seemed like hours, in fact it was hours, it took me ages to rearrange things and find homes for everything, my dining table looked like this, and it still does this evening. I'll be interested to see how long it takes me to pile crap all over it again. The rest of the afternoon I worked on the French Roses quilt until Fanny decided to start sewing teeny tiny stitches again, grrrr. I've turned her off and I'm hoping when I return to sewing, everything will be fine. Fingers crossed. No photos of the French Roses today, I don't want to bore you with the very slow progress.

This is one of the pears decorating the table. I need a table runner, but I don't feel like making one. I thought I had one that would work with the chairs and the pears, but no such luck.

I had to tidy up the desk in the study/spare room too, so that I could put my cutting mat here instead of leaving it on the dining table.

You can just see some fabric in a mess under the desk, my tidying didn't get that far.

A brilliant idea,  I found a metal letter holder in the cupboard, to hold my rulers.

I don't want to move Miss Fanny Pfaff into the study, because this is the view I have whenever I look up.  That's a rain gauge on the right of the railing. How good is that view, and look at that lovely blue sky today. We have had a couple of absolutely beautiful days, the weather is finally improving following the hideous weather we had through summer.

Feline fur babies photos.
Bailey has taken to licking his back leg constantly, and now has a bald patch. It gets better and then he starts again. We've tried a few different things to stop him, but it's turned into a habit, hopefully he will grow out of it eventually.
 He usually sleeps with his paw over his face, and he curls up his toes, too cute.

This was Bailey this morning, through the kitchen window, about to eat my lemongrass.

Lulu sunbathing in Karma's bed. Poor Karma, nothing is sacred.


  1. What a great idea for the quilting rulers. I have a heap of those and never know how to stand them up so that they're easy to grab when you need!

  2. Good God - have you gone completely mad? What are you doing? Everyone knows the amount of visible mess directly equals the amount of craftiness that goes on at any given time. You're tempting fate with this tidying nonsense.

    I must say though your after picture looks fabulous - especially the pears. Will Lulu still sit on the table when it's clean?

    Yes I like the quilting ruler idea too...might have to steal that one!

  3. What a pretty pincushion!

    Hey, you made great strides in the tidying dept.

    Always love the shots of the fur babies.

  4. Love your pears Marg... you could crochet a table runner? Fabulous pin cushion and really cute piccies of the kitties - no, nothing is sacred to cats, they own it all and they own it so well lol.

  5. Love the pears .. and the pin cushion. I confess I thought the pin cushion was a ball to throw at the kitties when they are naughty (that's what I need so I was projecting my need onto your pincushion).

    I only have one ruler so no need for a holder yet, but that is in my future ...

  6. Hey there I love the pin cushion so adorable and loving the pears. Shay you are my kinda girl. The mess is Creative happiness and a show of the sign of a busy active life. Have an awesome day stitching.

  7. The best bit about tidying is the wonderful feeling of a new project comimng on...after all you are sure to find someting you'd forgotten all about! I hope you had a supper party while to table was so lovely and clear.
    The roses quilt is looking good. Keep going. I'm dying to see it finished! M x

  8. I really like the way the pears look on your table. I don't think I would put a table runner on your table.

    I love the little pin cushion and love all the photos of the fur babies!

    My dining room table is like yours. It gets messy, I clean it and a couple days later it is a mess again. It seems to be the drop off spot for everything.

  9. Your pincushion is gorgeous, Rachael does a beautiful job. Love the ruler holder - great idea. Ive bundled up some scraps for you Marg and will put them in the post. Enjoy the rest of the week, x

  10. In my next life I want to be one of your cats!

  11. Great job on the organizing, Marg!

    I love when my house is un-cluttered. I always feel inspired when I'm surrounded by clean.

    So glad you have good weather - after all that rain, your area deserves a break. How cold will it get during your winter?

    Your pets look very happy! I hope you can get that habit broken...I bet his skin gets sore.

  12. A good clean up can get the mojo going again. I really need one myself, piles of UFOs are starting to drag me down! Enjoy your tidy house before you launch into more messy work!

  13. My place needs a good tidy up like that too!


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