Saturday, May 21, 2011

Favourite Things Friday

I'm a little late this week, mainly due to the fact that I was in a sewing funk because my quilting wasn't quite going to plan, and I didn't think an FTF post filled with swearing was quite in the spirit of what Friday Favourites is all about.
Now that I've put my big girl pants on and stopped having a hissy fit, I'm going with Autumn this week.
I love Autumn/ I didn't used to like it when I lived in Melbourne or New Zealand, because that meant a yucky cold, wet, grey, depressing winter was just around the corner.  Here in South East Queensland, Autumn is a whole different matter.  I lurve Autumn, it means that the really hot humid oppressive days of summer have gone. 

It means beautiful big blue skies, most of the time. Low humidity, and finally days where I can wear something other than linen pants and a loose fitting cotton sleeveless top, YAY!!!!!!!! I do love my linen pants, but wearing them for roughly 6 months of the year, enough! I forget what else I have in my wardrobe. So now out come all my lovely winter clothes. Winter here means long sleeve cotton shirts, and jeans, or leggings and long tops, and lovely soft cotton cardigans.  Sorry no photos.

We do miss out on the beautiful autumn leaves, but I can always travel down south to see them, that's a great trade off compared to having to put up with chilblains and freezing my butt off!

These photos were taken at Hahndorf when I was visiting my wonderful friend Shay. Boy I had a great time there. I can't wait to go back. Shay beware!!!!!!!
So now I can unpack my doona/duvet and trackies/tracksuits and settle into the bliss of Autumn.

For more Favourite Things, pop on over to Shay at Quilting In My Pyjamas to see other favourites for this week.


  1. Great FTF! Reminds me of when I lived on the east coast, where fall meant crisp cool evenings. the smell of fireplaces. thanks!

  2. You always have such wonderful photos to share. I wish we had weather that called for long sleeves and a cotton sweater. It seems like we get rain or snow!

    Thanks for sharing!

  3. Great FTF. I hear you!!! No more sweating buckets....and you've just got out of the cold shower!! I also love that it is jeans and scarf time......Whoo Hoo! Being 5o something and no longer size 8 and now a traditionally built woman(love that) summer no longer has the same appeal for me.

  4. I probably will do a FTF on swearing eventually. Maybe even at people in nice warm climates, gloating about how it's nearly winter, and they can wear the trackpants we wear in the middle of summer :) I'm a) freezing and b) jealous.

  5. Fantastic post and so appropriate. We have blue sky, sunshine and pretty trees turning and dropping leaves which make nice crunchy noises when I go walking. Autumn sure is a favourite.

  6. Sounds like our idea of summer! Spring is my favourite as it means summer is following when we can wear our long sleeved ctops without a thick coat! No seriously I love autumn here but it does as you say mean a cold grey few months to come after!

  7. I have to say your autumn sounds a lot nicer than the progressive cold we have been getting here the last 6 or so weeks.

    Living where you do sounds like permanent holiday weather. Count me in - Im buying a plane ticket !

    You know you're welcome here any time for as long as you want.

  8. When we lived near Houston, TX, Autumn was a lot like yours. It was glorious to get a break from the humidity.

  9. You really do live in paradise, don't you? It is absolutely gorgeous and the mild climate sounds amazing.

    xo -E

  10. Oh yes it is my favourite time of year as well. Beautiful sunny (most years) days and no humidity and a chance to wear my jeans and boots....I love boots! (hey there is an idea for FTF :-) )

    I love the change of leaves and spring flowers but its a small price to pay for living in paradise ;-)

  11. Oh, those leaves are gorgeous. What a beautiful colour. Enjoy!


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