Saturday, May 21, 2011

Friday Night Sew In

I'm linking up with FNSI which is hosted by Heidi from Handmade by Heidi and Bobbi.

I hope you haven't stopped by in the hope of seeing some absolutely stunning project that I whipped up last night, as you are going to be very very disappointed.

Friday night started with an attempt to quilt more Circles of Doom.  I'm not sure whether I jinxed myself calling them that or they really are circles of doom.

If the world ends tonight I'm going to blame them.
I originally quilted them a few weeks ago as they are in the above photo. It didn't work, in fact they looked crap, so I had to unpick them, that's when they were christened The Circles of Doom.
After hours of time spent getting to know my seam ripper, which by the way is a very nice seam ripper, I was finally able to start quilting them in a pebble pattern. It was ok but I wasn't really happy with my Pfaff foot that came with the machine as it was a closed toe foot and gave me a limited view. I ordered an open toe foot and waited for it to arrive. I started quilting with the new foot last night, at first all seemed fine, but the longer I used it the more problems I had. The tension  kept on changing, I broke three needles last night and it just wasn't looking great. After a couple of hours of frustration I gave up in disgust.

I then went on to finish the pinwheel blocks, yay.
All was well until I checked some of them. A few had come out too small and the ones that I had to unpick the other day had slightly stretched out of shape.  Enter an hour of rotary cutter fun (dripping with sarcasm here), cutting them down to size. I still have about half left to trim.

Spice Boxes quilt top
Final attempt at being creative was to start hand quilting the Spice Boxes quilt. I'm not even going to show photos of that disaster.  It's not quite bad enough to stab it repeatedly, set it on fire and then run over it with my car, twice, BUT....................

A summary of my evening: FNSI would stand for a whole lot of other not very nice words if I had my way. There were plenty of those words flying around here last night. 

I hope everyone else had a much "funner" night than me.


  1. Umm, some days it would be better to just remain in bed for the day. lol
    Hope your Saturday ended up better than your Friday!

  2. some days you just have to walk away from all projects sorry it turned out that way for you. your quilt top spice boxes however is gorgeous i love it.

  3. Your FNSI sounds more like FNUI (Friday Night Un-sew In). Sorry the proejcts are not being cooperative, hope things look brigher in the light of day.

  4. Awwww Marg - isn't it a bummer when things are conspiring against us. Circles of Doom are being really problematic for you. The pin-wheels look lovely in the photo. Hand quilting is hmmmmm - challenging - which is why I went with tufting - much more fun lol.

    Hope it's a smoother ride today - this crafting road can sure get bumpy at times.

  5. I'm sorry you had such a bad luck night! Sometimes, when things start to go awry, they're just not going to turn around - at that point it might be a good idea to grab a BIG stiff drink, lol!

  6. Sorry FNSI wasn't much fun! I think you're way too hard on yourself, though. I liked the circles of doom with swirls in them, and I also really like the pebbles. The pebbles are awesome. Anyway, hope your sewing luck improves.

    xo -E

  7. Some days just dont go right in the sewing/creativity department. You know Im having a day like that when you get emails with words in them that arent fit for public sharing!

    I think the pebbles look brilliant. The hand quilting on spice boxes will come together. I think it's often very hard to see what's going on overall until you're done.

    And pinwheels- been there - done that with the squaring up nonsense. You have my complete sympathy.

    I do hope Sunday is a better day .

  8. I hate those ill luck days in the sewing room. Gbf once tried to cheer me up after a day like that by saying " Don't worry. Even Brain Surgeons and Air Pilots have days like that." hmmm I really wasn't sure what to say to that, but I'm passing those wise? words onto you. Trimming pinwheels may be annoying but it's worth the effort, good music in the background helps!

  9. I'm sorry but I had a good laugh at this post :-) Not at you I assure you just it reminded me of me with a sewing machine!! I love that Spice Boxes....lovely!!!

  10. How annoying! Sometimes you need to just walk away and come back later when its being more cooperative...


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