Sunday, May 29, 2011

Pyjama Party Sunday

Come and join in Pyjama Party Sunday. You don't need to have been in your pyjamas to participate, it's just that Pyjama Party Sunday sounds a whole lot better than Tracky Dacks Sunday (translation for non Aussies: tracksuit pants) or T-shirt and Jeans Party Sunday or Saturday.  I'd love you to join in and link up so we can all share in the love of PJ PS.

I was hoping to have this finished by this afternoon. Didn't happen.

I waged a war with the sewing machine and finally won, and had it fmqing for me without it changing the tension every 5 mins. Until then, my stitching was not exactly show standard, lol.

Just sneak peek photos today as I worked on the Red Monochromatic Block  today too, but can't show you the whole thing until it's finished. A huge thank you to Melissa for sending me some gorgeous snippets of red fabric to help me with this month's challenge.  A colour I love but for some very strange reason I don't have very much red in my stash. I will have to change that, I can feel a shopping spree in my future!

We had a lazy start to the day, Bitchypoo cooked pancakes but didn't quite read the recipe correctly.
Melt the butter before adding it to the mix!
Check out:
a) the large lumps of butter in the mix
b) how grotty the pan is, and
c) the smallest pancake, it has eyes and ears, should we try and sell it on ebay?  I could use the funds for my red shopping spree, lol!

Hope you all had and are having a lovely weekend,  and especially if you have an extra day this weekend for Memorial Day.


  1. Wow that red polka dot binding works a treat! Makes all of the other colours pop. I need some red stash too as it's one of my favourite colours and I have barely any.

    Love the pancakes! They look like mine lol though I've never been clever enough to have a face magically appear. eBay would have been good but I imagine it's now in bitchypoos tummy so maybe next time :-)

  2. The red polka dot binding looks great! I also like your momochromatic block.

    Well Bitchypoo should get good daughter points for at least trying.

  3. You could make your fortune on ebay with that pancake. It looks just like Jim Morrison.

    A shopping spree sounds like fun. Need help? I could carry your bags. If I accidentally slip and buy something I cant hardly be blamed by Mr. P !

  4. Love the red polka dots. I stayed in my pj's so long yesterday Hubby asked if i was ever getting out of my I was with you in spirit.

  5. That binding looks fabulous with your quilt....can't wait to see it finished :-)

  6. I love, love, love the polka dot binding. beautiful. I also love the red block you're working on.

    I have not yet made it through a day in my pyjamas, or even a Sunday where I have accomplished anything crafty-wise. However, I may have the chance next weekend ..

  7. Its all looking cool but I couldnt work out the url bizo for mister Linky.....

  8. Such tantalizing projects, Marg! I can't wait to see them finished.

  9. so, how did the pancakes taste? nice that your daughter tried to make breakfast for you!

    love the sneak peek - can't wait to see the final product!

  10. Your circles quilt looks great Marg and the quilting looks fabulous - love the binding ,what a great choice. So glad you could use those red scraps - youre welcome to my scraps anytime!! Cant wait to see the whole block! Im sure bitchypoos pancakes tasted just fine - they look pretty good from here!


  11. Strange how that little pancake is smiling at me, I think I really need breakfast! Love your red block! and the spotty dotty binding!!It's always good to have a legitimate reason to buy more fabric!


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