Saturday, May 7, 2011

Jacobean Flower

I've always really liked the look of raw edge applique but have been way too scared to do it. Doing the class in Adelaide showed me how easy it is to do something if you just have a bit of a practice at it first.

I wanted to do something completely different so I found a very old embroidery pattern which I adapted to make this applique.

Starting out
Trying to get the hang of it, working with a crappy closed toe plastic foot, and not being able to see very much and hoping that I was following the edge.

It would be nice to show you the finished applique, but.............
it's being tested.
It would be nice to see what I'm trying to photograph, thanks.

I'm not going to point out the bits that went awry, let's just say I'm very pleased with this attempt, and I can only hope I can improve, especially if I get a new foot so that I can see what I'm doing.

Trying to get a photo that shows the true colours, I think the second one is more true to life.


  1. Oh My Gosh, that is so lovely!!! I am not sure what I like the best, the pattern, the colors or the applique. I don't see any mistakes, just beauty. Is that a linen background I see? I love linen. What will you do with this little gem?

  2. I agree with Cynthia! This is SO lovely! I think we are far too critical of what we do or don't like to brag but I can't see anything wrong with this beauty! I too want to try something more complicated with raw edge applique and I am using your 'pretty' as inspiration! With regards to colour, I sometimes play around with my shots in iPhoto to get a better 'true' impression!

  3. I'm in awe of what you've done; it's something I could never do. It's lovely.

  4. Marg it looks AMAZING! i love how you adapted a vintage embroidery pattern - you are so clever! What will you do with it?


  5. Hmm, you seem to have the same artifact in your photo as I recently did!

    Love the Jacobean flower! I have not tried raw edge applique but have wanted to. Yours looks gorgeous.

  6. I'm sure your quality control manager passed this piece with flying colours! It's lovely - how clever you are and what a lovely design you have done.

  7. I have just read yesterday's post and am relieved to see you are still here to post today. Your daughter is so pretty and natural - she looks like she has a wicked sense of humour too. Birthday Wishes.

    Your flower is flippin fabulous. Though why a closed toe? I thought you had an open toe (which you disliked nearly as much lol). Honestly, Marg - if you can do that with the wrong tools, imagine what you'll do with the right!

    Which reminds me, need to phone sewing machine repair man today - I want my machine back so I can play too!!! :0)

    Have a great day - sorry for such a ramble of a comment.

  8. That is so fantastic, love the design, love the colours. That is such a great idea using embroidery patterns, what a wealth of designs there. So, whatcha gonna do with it? Cushion? Table runner?
    P.S. Love your stress tester, he's/she's cute.

  9. wow...that is are such a clever lady!

  10. It all looks GORGEOUS! You have a talent for raw edge applique I think.

    Love the shot of the whole project. It's going to be fabulous when It's done!

  11. Wow you did an amazing job and it looks fabulous. I'm still too much of a scaredy cat to try.

  12. Marg,
    Your Jacobean Flower is stunning!!! Absolutely, Positively Stunning!!!

  13. Like I said Beautiful!! What a super job! Well done to you :-)

  14. Gorgeous! Love the pattern and colors.

  15. Well done you it looks great. Once you start and get your eye in it is really fast and rewarding. I love your design.

  16. I love Jacobean crewel work. That's a great idea, to use an embroidery patten. Did you use fusible web or are the pieces just held by the stitches? And is that ordinary thread? It looks like it has a nice twist to it.
    The whole thing is lovely - fabrics, design, stitching.


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