Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Another Finish - WIP Wednesday

I can't believe I've finished two quilts in two weeks. It's unheard of at Chez Sunshine.  Thanks to Lee at Freshly Pieced it's the linking up to WIP Wednesday that is giving me the momentum to finally finish these.

Quilt Finished

This is the quilt from the French Roses pattern. I changed it a little and rather than having borders I made extra blocks.  There are two off white squares on the back as the original plan was to make the blocks with the off white as the background and the pink floral was to be the backing, but after making two blocks one of the girls at Patchwork Angel and I decided to use the pink floral as the bakground and use the off white as the backing. Unfortunately the off white as backing shows up any imperfections in the positioning of the batting, so the blue floral was plan C. I left the original two in the quilt as a reminder of my change of plans because I was too lazy to use the seam ripper. I'm so glad I didn't use the off white as I love the way this has turned out. It really has that shabby feel to it and the lovely aged quality of the raw edge flowers is enhanced by the old fashioned feel of the fabric.

An extra flower hand sewn to the back.
Back of French Roses
The other off white block just off to the left of the photo is going to be used as the label.

Close up of one of the flower blocks.

A few loose threads need to be trimmed, this is only the first wash and tumble dry.

Flower Sugar 2 with some Tanya Whelan which is also used as the backing fabric and binding. Bias binding used for the sashing.
I'm still trying to think of a name for this quilt.

Two more starflower blocks

I really really love how the Soul Blossoms fabric is working in these.

The statistics this week:

Worked On This Week
French Roses - finished
English Paper Piecing
Plume quilt - backing finished (no photo)

Sitting On The Sidelines
Circle Game BOM
Mystery Quilt

Waiting Patiently For Me To Show Some Interest
Same as the last few weeks (How long is it before they are officially UFO's?)
Jacobean Flower - quilting
Monochromatic Block

Weeks Statistics
New Projects - 0
Completed - 1  yipppeeeeeeee again
Worked On - 3
Hyperventilating Over -  0 (Notice no hyperventilating this week)
Put to the Side This Week - 3
Ignoring - still the same 4

I really really really want to start something new, but I can't make a decision. I've never had that problem before, it feels a bit strange.
Thank you Lee at  Freshly Pieced for WIP Wednesday.
WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced


  1. I love your rose quilt!! Congratulations on getting it finished!! I can't think of any clever names for it, if I do i'll let you know. Your little star hexagons are pretty too. You must have a few of them by now.

  2. I love the Rose quilt too! How about Fairy Floss? (as FF is pink and made from sugar.) Or Chez Blossom? Anyway, the fussy cut centres on your stars is fabulous too!

  3. If you dont like French Roses you can send it my way!

    Soul Blossoms ? I think I need to buy some of that. You've just about convinced me. Maybe I'll get in and buy it all before you decide you need some more.

    Congratulations on finishing two quilts in two weeks. Are you smoking crack or something ?

  4. Why don't you call that beautiful quilt of yours ROSABELLA latin for Rosa is 'Rose' and Bella is 'beautiful'. Just a thought. I think your quilt is divine.


  5. Wow Marg, you are on a roll! The French roses is such a pretty quilt and im sorry i cant help you out with names - not very good in that department. Those starflowers are looking stunning too!

  6. Oh Marg it's absolutely beautiful! I've loved it as you showed it to us along the way but the finished product is overwhealming. I bet BP is happy with the finished product. I like the suggestion of Rosabella but reversed to Bellarosa ?
    I can't believe your work rate. Well done. My absolute favourite of all time.

  7. Beautiful Marg, really beautiful and I can just see it getting better and better with use. In this one you quilted each block as you went didn't you? I really love the backing fabric and the binding....I know I am supposed to love the front the best but this one I love the back and especially the off white block it really pops and a nice idea for the label. Did you rewash you spice boxes?

  8. I'm crap with names too. I really love the washed raw edges on the petals, looks great (and quite realistic). Well done on another finish, you're going great guns!

  9. Congratulations on another finish! It turned out beautifully. It makes me think of tea on a porch in a white wicker rocking chair!

  10. The starflower flocks are the perfect application for the soul blossoms fabric. love it!

  11. Love that rose quilt. So gorgeous. And you are so right. Soul Blossoms was perfect for the starflower blocks. I may have to see if my (not so L) LQS carries that!

  12. I am in awe over the stars you've made. Totally in awe :)

  13. It really does have that shabby chic feel to it. Lovely. Glad you finally got it finished.

    Love the stars..

  14. naming them is the hardest part isn't it? Your rose quilt is perfect, what a great idea.

  15. The French Roses quilt is beautiful. I confess I wasn't too excited about it when you first showed it, but now I am wow'ed. It is gorgeous, the back too!

  16. Two finishes in two weeks! Congratulations.

    Your rose quilt is lovely. The pink background gives the whole quilt such a soft effect.

  17. What lovely starflower blocks!

  18. Sooooo pretty, and so vintage. What a joy it would be to snuggle under. Well done Marg!

  19. LOVE the French Roses quilt ~ just beautiful!

  20. i love this quilt Marg it is so gorgeous and just looking at it makes me feel all summery and happy. Well done!

  21. Well done on another finish - always a feel good thing - wish I could feel the roses quilt - it has such texture, are they really thick or do you cut away behind as another layer is added?

  22. Congrats on the finish. French Roses is beautiful.

  23. Oh Marg, I adore you roses quilt. So shabby chic. You made the right decision about the background fabric IMHO. The star blocks are coming along beautifully too. Di.

  24. That French Roses pattern is so interesting, with the raw edges. I really love the vintage look it has. Thanks for linking up to WIP Wednesday. : )


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