Wednesday, August 3, 2011

I'm back - WIP Wednesday

I'm back to 192 emails, sigh. I had accessed some of them while I was away but it still meant going through all of them to see which needed to be deleted.

I took very few photos.

Had a fabulous time.

I need a day or two to recover.

The Craft and Quilt show was good but my knee wasn't, so I didn't get around to all of it, and I didn't take a single photo there.

Met up with friends including a bloggy friend, hi Suz, it was so good to meet up with all my friends in Melbourne.

The weather was pretty darn good (for Melbourne in the middle of winter, hmmm make that, for Melbourne any time of the year).

Looking forward to going back later in the year. Next post I'll show the very few photos I took.

Now on to crafty things.

I took some hand sewing away with me to work on in quiet times. I really needn't have bothered.  I had too much fun and was way too busy to spend much time on crafty things. However I did finish block 1 from The Circle Game BOM.

Block 1 Amitie BOM

Remind me not to do a practice one first, next time. I think my practice one was better than this one.

Monochromatic Challenge

Since I've been home I also finished the embroidery on the blue Monochromatic Challenge block for the month of July. It's blueberries, in case you couldn't guess. I'm not so happy with this one.
Next month is pink.


I sewed a couple more diamonds to one flower-star. I want to make a few more stars before I start sewing them together. This is going to be a very loooong term project.

I'm really hoping that I will have lots of time this week to catch up on the Flurry quilt top and finish it, and work on some more of the French Roses blocks, because when I was down in Melbourne I picked up, from Amitie, this month's block which happens to be two blocks. Yikes I'm going to have to stop faffing around and get working.
Amitite BOM
It got a little squished in my suitcase.

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

Worked On This Week
Circle Game BOM - finished block 1
English Paper Piecing
Monochromatic Block - blue

Sitting On the Sidelines
Spice Boxes - binding fabric arrived yay!
Mystery Quilt 
Floral Bouquet Quilt
French Roses
Flurry Quilt
(oops that's way too many, now I'm starting to hyperventilate, thinking of what I need to do)

Waiting Patiently For Me To Show Some Interest
Same as the last few weeks ( How long is it before they are officially UFO's?)
Tiggly Winks - applique
Plume Quilt Top - backing
Jacobean Flower - mini quilt
Don't Look Now - cushion/mini quilt

Weeks Statistics
New Projects - 0
Completed - 0
Worked On - 3
Hyperventilating Over - 5
Ignoring - 4

Click on the WIP button above to go to Lee at Freshly Pieced to see other WIP's for this week. 

Hopefully next week I'll be able to catch up with a few of my projects and even quite possibly have 1 finished. 

Don't hold your breath though!


  1. Welcome back Marg!! Ack don't you have post holiday email inbox clears!! And google reader clears for that matter!
    ... I'm tempted to leave you 10 comments now just to spam your inbox even more - MUHAHAHAHA - but I'll play nice & won't :)

    Wowsa on that circle! That always happens when I practice something too.
    Can't wait to see photos.


  2. I'm leaving a comment but insisting you don't reply - there should be an unspoken rule between bloggers that no replies following a holiday are necessary lol. To think when I started blogging that I didn't know that you could, or indeed that it was the polite thing, to reply to comments. Generally I've found that UK bloggers don't do that. I was surprised when I finally dipped my toe further afield that people replied to them. Now I can't imagine not replying as the little e-mail exchanges help build up great friendships. The feed read numbers can be a little overwhelming if you've missed a couple of days though - good job your knee is giving you the opportunity to sit down and have nothing to do but catch up *wink*. I've just caught up on over 700 feed reads in the last couple of days cos of my back!

    I love your flower star - I was working on my hexie quilt yesterday thinking the exact same thing - this is gonna be a very looooonnnngg project - but seeing your star flowers makes me want to incorporate a couple in my quilt somewhere - did you make your own templates or buy them? Sorry, I said not to reply and now I'm kinda forcing you too!!! Hope your knee feels better soon and sending lots of love xxxxx

  3. Hi! Glad you are home, safe and sound! It's lovely to put a face and voice to a blog! I also am loving your star flower! Knowing it is going to be a long term project gives you an excuse to enjoy the journey!

  4. Is the Suz you met that Suz who's just commented? Patchwork and Play? I'd love to catch up with her sometime! I'm sorry to hear about your knee. I really hope it gets better soon. Your circle block looks great!and very tricky!!The next two do too. You don't have to reply to this comment, I know what it's like to have a zillion emails.

  5. What a lovely flower star! I can't wait to see those all together. What a beautiful quilt that will make! Your circle 'block' is cute as well.

  6. So glad you're back. Now...Rest that knee! I think your blocks are lovely. Can't wait to see the finish on the Flurry. I'm at a stalemate. Need to finish the backing and figure out the quilt process. Yikes! Have fun deciding which WIP to begin first. Happy Wednesday night! ☺

  7. Glad you had a good trip, but sorry the knee was not as cooperative as it could have been.

    I love the categories you include in your list - especially "Waiting patiently on the sidelines..." :)

  8. Sounds like you had fun and im glad you didnt freeze down there Marg. Sorry to hear your knee is still causing you grief! Was the craft fair good and did you stock up the stash at all? Love the circle block, looks extremely difficult!

  9. I almost wet myself reading this post especially the roundup at the end.

    Dont hyperventilate too much!

    I think your circle looks brilliant and your July block looks just fine. They look just like blueberries should!

    ummmm there's enough quilting stuff on that ongoing list of yours to keep you busy for the next 12 when are you going to add another project to that list???

  10. Sorry your knee wasn't cooperative, but it's good you had a fabulous time anyway. Looks like really good progress for being gone part of the week. I like all of your blocks.

  11. Glad you enjoyed your time away in Melbourne. I am impressed that you took some sewing with you even if you didn't have time to do any.
    That list at the end brought a smile to my face. Just being able to write a list like that is impressive !!!

  12. I know how you feel about the email/blog posts....I only missed one day due to having to collect my neighbours daughter from work which involved a 4 hour round trip and me missing my computer time and I have a mega list to catch up on! Hope your knee starts to get better soon, its really painful when you hurt them and can't walk properly :-(

    Your quilting list is getting very long....I think I would be hyperventilating at this point as well ;-)

    Glad you had a good time away. Time goes so fast I was thinking it was this week you were going away and you have already been and gone and come back!!! Where does it go?

  13. I am glad you had a nice break! I love that circle block, I also signed up so am hoping my first block will arrive in Canada soon.

  14. Sorry your knee is still giving you trouble.

    You've got some great projects going on. I must admit to being especially partial to the Circle Game and the Diamond flowers. :-)


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