Sunday, August 14, 2011

Pyjama Party Sunday

Where has this year gone, I can't believe we are already half way through August. I swear the years are going faster and faster.

A follow up from last weekends dramas. BP's car was found on Monday night. It is now at the insurance assessors and due to be mechanically tested tomorrow (I think) and then we have to go and check the car for any signs of damage that will need to be repaired. So far the only things that are still missing are cash from her wallet, two silver rings that were in her bag and the car and house key. I've had the locks changed on the house just in case. We are still waiting to hear what was found in her car, I presume her GPS and iPod were stolen, we should know the list of contents found in her car tomorrow. Meanwhile we have a hire vehicle organised by the insurance company.  

This weekend has been a very lazy weekend, and lots of time was spent in my pyjamas, possibly too much time.  I've been working on the French Roses quilt and I'm up to here.

I'm hoping for a finish in the next couple of days. That will mean two finishes this month, woo hoo.

Playing with this today and will show you in the next post what I am hoping to do with it.

There's been a little progress on the Mystery Quilt I've cut out most of the pieces for the block I need to finish to catch up.

BP has been playing around with the off cuts of the Plume quilt top and decided she would like to make a small quilt with them. I'm not holding my breath as I was all excited yesterday when she asked if she could sew them. I pulled out the  Janome but then we realised that some of the blocks weren't the same size. I cut them down to size for her as she hates using the rotary cutter and when I came back she had lost interest.

Not a very exciting post this week, and not much to show for the weekends work even though I have been quite busy.  As it's Sunday it's time to join in

whether you are in your PJ's or not, please come and join in the celebration of lazy sewing weekends.
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Don't forget,  pyjamas are optional.


  1. So many pretty fabrics. Enjoy the rest of your pyjama party Sunday.

  2. That binding looks very pretty, not much to go now. I like the florals they are so girlie :-)

  3. mmmm such pretty floral fabrics! I really can't wait to see that top one finished!
    I'm also working on a quilt with plume in at the moment. Love that line!!

    Good luck with the car stuff.


  4. OOooh Pretty flowers and almost done - Yippee!
    Kaffe and white with black that looks like a lot of fun.
    Hope the car stuff gets sorted real soon.

  5. Well it looks to me tht you still had a productive Sunday. I on the other hand fluffed around pretending I was going to quilt something and never really made it past three rows, so there will be no PJ Sunday post from me.

    I love French Roses's going to look so pretty when it's finished!

  6. After the drama of last weekend, glad you were able to spend some quality time in the sewing room. Even if you didn' show this week, it will next week.

    Maybe BP will decide to stich up the quilt at some point. My Kiddo is that way, if you don't catch her in the moment, she loses interest pretty quickly.

  7. You're so good at getting things done. I went away on a sewing retreat and only got 2 blocks done, actually they're not quite done... The plume quilt looks worth doing!

  8. Ypu can never spend too long in PJ's. FACT!! ;)

  9. Good to hear that the car was recovered. I hope everything is getting worked out.


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