Wednesday, August 10, 2011

WIP Wednesday

Although the actual number of hours spent sewing or working on projects wasn't very high this week, I concentrated on trying to finish something......anything. So I have a finish, finally, happy dance. The happy dance is for finishing this quilt, the happy dance is not for the actual quilt. I've decided I don't like it,
don't you hate that.

I started it because I loved the fabrics and the colours. I had an idea of where I wanted to go with the design, and  around eight or nine months later, nyuh, it's just not doing it for me. I'd give it away except that the quilting stitches tension is rubbish in places.  I might put it away in the cupboard for a few months and if it still doesn't make my heart sing I'll give it away.
So here it is, I couldn't even get nice photos either. I was trying for some arty ones and they just didn't happen.

Spice Boxes

The back

Next on my to do list was to finish the Christmas quilt top. It now has a name "McFlurry".  Kat from  Diary of a Flutter.Kat came up with the perfect name, the actual pattern is Flurry, because it was designed for the fabric line Flurry but I used 12 Days of Christmas instead, and my last name starts with Mc.  Pssst, I think Kat really named it McFlurry after the McDonalds McFlurry but it suits me just fine.

It needs a good press, again.

Finally, I completed the plaits for the fillers in the Mystery Quilt and sewed these blocks together.

I was starting to have second thoughts on the background fabric, but now these are sewn together I really really like it.
I still have one block that has some paper piecing in it from a couple of weeks ago and now I have to make another 7, yes that's right, 7 star blocks for the latest instalment. Sheila is a hard taskmaster, lucky for her, she lives over the other side of the world.

The statistics this week:

Worked On This Week
Spice Boxes - finished
McFlurry - finished the top
Mystery Quilt 

Sitting On The Sidelines
Floral Bouquet Quilt
French Roses
English Paper Piecing
Circle Game BOM

Waiting Patiently For Me To Show Some Interest
Same as the last few weeks (How long is it before they are officially UFO's?)
Plume quilt - backing
Jacobean Flower - quilting
Monochromatic Block

Weeks Statistics
New Projects - 0
Completed - 1  yipppeeeeeeee
Worked On - 3
Hyperventilating Over -  only 4 this week (5 last week)
Ignoring - still the same 4

I think I deserve a gold medal for not starting any new projects over the last few weeks. I think that's the longest ever I have been disciplined enough not to start anything. I'm not sure I can last much longer.
I'm linking up with Lee over at Freshly Pieced for WIP Wednesday.
Blogger is playing hard to get again, it won't load any HTML codes so I haven't been able to link my photos directly to Flickr or load Lee's WIP Wednesday button, grrrr.  Oh well, at least I was able to get around most of it.


  1. Taskmaster calling - I LOVE the way your Mystery looks with a few blocks joined, the contrast in scale on the background fabric really works, I am so glad you like it too.
    McFlurry is fab and I think Spice Boxes is lovely too - totally understand how you feel, it's the same for me and my "modern quilt" - love the fabric, enjoyed a new process but the end result! - Just a quilt.........

  2. I love your background fabric in the Bluepatch Mystery quilt! What??? 7 more what? I better go see what I missed from Sheila yesterday...

    Funny you have a quilt named McFlury. Luckily it's because of your last name. I named my Supernova quilt "McSupernova" only because of the McD's colors that I took out of my stash...

    I think the spice box colors are great!

  3. Yay, a finish! Well done, and it looks great. Sometimes you just have to concentrate on clearing a bit of the backlog, hey.

  4. I hate it when you don't like a quilt that you've slaved over!! I think it looks great!! Hopefully you'll like it better after you've had a break from it. Mc Flurry is such a great quilt!! It seems as though you've made that one really quickly. I really like the Mystery quilt. Those plaits worked really well. All in all you look like you've been busy!

  5. YAYAYAYAYAYAYA!!!!!! Happy dance that you finished spice boxes. Shame that it's not doing it for you though! Don't ya hate that! It happens to me regularly... I happen to think it's awesome though.
    I'm still loving McFlurry! Will be so fab when it's finished.
    My what a lot you have on the go. Starting to rocket though it though. :)

  6. Still like Mc Flurry and absolutely love your spice boxes...awesome colors, nice design and hey I can´t see the quilting..:-)
    I will give it a good home in case you want to get rid of it :-))

    And I am proud of you for not starting anything new! Good job!!

  7. I love your McFlurry quilt and feel your pain with a completed quilt you just don't like, we've all been there! As you say, maybe a few months in the cupboard will give you a fresh perspective on it!

  8. Beautiful projects! Love the spice boxes and that McFlurry quilt is so fun!

  9. I love it all! That Christmas quilt is so cute!

  10. I have the Flurry quilt on my list too. I LOVE yours, it turned out beautiful.

  11. Such a bummer that you're not feeling the love for spice boxes - I think you're doing the right thing to give it a while to see if it grows on you. Absolutely love McFlurry Quilt - so bright and festive. Your mystery blocks look fantastic against the black and white background - looking forward to seeing this one a little further along but your fabric choices are fantastic. Well done you, gold star *


  12. The Mc Flurry quilt is just lovely. It will be perfect for Christmas. Also really like your black/white background on the last quilt. Showcases the colors perfectly while still making a statement.

  13. Oh no! I'm sorry you don't like how your Spice Boxes quilt turned out. I hate when that happens. If it helps, I think it's lovely. Maybe it will make a great gift for a friend?

  14. If, in a few months you decide to give that beautiful quilt away, just remember there is a home here in Toowoomba where it will be used, love and cherished every day.

    Love the xmas box quilt I am in awe of your quilting talents Marg

  15. Spice Boxes is soooo pretty! And I love the colorful stars. Thanks for linking up to WIP Wednesday. : )

  16. Wash spice boxes in hot water and chuck it in the dryer. That'll probably make any stitching issues obsolete. I love it and think you're being far too hard on yourself.

    Love McFlurry. It looks wonderful . I've been a complete slacker on mine and have made no progress for a couple of very long weeks!

    Im giving you a virtual award for not starting anything new . I know how hard that must have been for you!

  17. I think you're doing great, Marg! I can't believe how many projects you are in the process of completing. All it takes is just to finish one at a time!

    love the mystery quilt - I never would have thought to combine those fabrics!

    good job on the mcFlurry - very Christmasy! love it!

    hope everything worked out for the car!

  18. Your spice boxes are great, and I love the back, too.

  19. I love that mystery quilt! The Bl/Wt fabrics around the brights just make it look fabulous, can't wait to see that one finished ;-)

    I adore the spice boxes quilt, I think you did a fantastic job it in hot water like Shay said then if you still don't like it you could swap it for my Calvin Cassowary! Cheeky hey ;-)

    McFlurry is a great name too!

  20. Sorry you are not thrilled with the Spice Box quilt. Hopefully it will grow on you. I like your "art" photos. Don't give up on trying to make that work. I'm having the same problem getting my quilt's to cooperate in "arty" poses. I think it's my lighting.

    McFlurry turned out great. I'm following Shay's lead and being a slacker on getting mine done.

    The Mystery Quilt is looking gorgeous. Can't wait to see that one finsihed.

  21. I really like Spice Boxes, congratulations on the finish! I agree with the earlier commenter, wash and dry it, the quilting issues will disappear. If you are still not thrilled how about using it as an "outdoor" quilt when you are lounging in your beautiful garden or having a picnic?

    Your mystery quilt blocks are stunning, the background is brilliant!

  22. If it wouldn't cost an arm and leg to send Spice Boxes to the States, I beg you for it unabashedly. I love that quilt. :-)

    The Christmas boxes quilt is adorable.

    I'm enjoying seeing the Mystery Quilt progress.


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