Sunday, August 28, 2011

Pyjama Party Sunday

This post could probably be called - Should have..........

A month or so ago I had the opportunity to buy reserved seating tickets for the Australia v New Zealand rugby match that was on in Brisbane last night. I had brilliant seats lined up, 7 rows from the front and near the try line. Instead of buying a ticket for me, I organised tickets for friends. They had a fabulous night, said the seats were in a fabulous position, and the game was excellent.
I stayed home and wished I had bought a ticket, sigh.

During the week I was invited today to a BBQ lunch on the Gold Coast. The weather forecast was for crappy weather so I declined and stayed home.
The weather was beautiful today.

Despite my really bad judgement calls, I made the most of today, and stayed in my pj's until way after lunch time and finished a couple of crafty things. So as I stayed in my pj's I'm hosting Pyjama Party Sunday. I don't know why, as I wouldn't exactly say it was a party around here today, more like a pity fest. See above ⬆ and below.

Firstly the block for Kat. Kat asked for a scrappy log cabin and bright colours. I'm pretty sure I got the bright colours, but oh dear I  really have a hard time with scrappy. This took me ages to make, because I kept on changing my mind on the colours/fabrics. This will probably be the first and last time you ever see a scrappy block from me. I kind of enjoyed making it, because it was interesting to see how far I could go out of my comfort zone, BUT, I will never make a scrappy quilt for me.
I've finished it a bit bigger than the 15 inches Kat asked for so that it can be cut down to size.

I also finished the Tiggly Winks quilt top. It almost ended up an art installation. When sewing the last three panels together I managed to sew the first one where the third one should have been. I was mildly pissed off, but persevered and started to use my trusty seam ripper, after a few choice swear words echoed around the house.  I was resigned to undoing it and sewing it back in the right order, then I realised I had started undoing the wrong seam.  It did get tossed on the floor at that stage, but I didn't quite get around to setting it on fire. After swearing A LOT more and walking off to take a break, common sense prevailed and I sat down and unpicked the correct seam and then sewed it all together in the correct order.

Don't look too closely at it, there are a couple of seams that leave a lot to be desired. I'm not pointing them out, because it annoys me enough and I took this pic from far enough away you can't really see them. It's not very good lighting, the colours are a bit off, and I just whacked it onto the design wall without flattening it out, as I wanted to quickly try and take a pic before I went out.
Despite the not so relaxing finish on this, I kind of sort of don't mind it now.

Now for the fun bit of my weekend.  Because I didn't go to the Gold Coast today, I was able to go out for late afternoon drinks with a girlfriend who I haven't seen for weeks.  We had a lovely relaxing time and a drink or maybe two.
Hastings St, Noosa Heads
It was quite busy on Hastings St (even though it doesn't look it from the photo) the sun was out, it's still winter and the temperature was about 22 C (72F) at 5 o'clock in the afternoon. So despite the pity fest earlier, I had a very nice end to the weekend.


  1. It's still supposed to be summer here and the temperature is 17 degrees at mid-day!!! Glad you had a good time with your friend in spite of missing out on the other outings. Your quilts amaze me.

  2. After cussing, I'd have cried. Way to pick up and keep going. Your quilts are beautiful. I especially love the scrappy cabin. The mis-mash of fabrics is so interesting!

    Doubt there will be any stitching around here today. DH wants to go to the gun range, and LittleGirl wants to shop...sigh.

    Happy Sunday night! ☺

  3. I think your quilt is beautiful! I am also glad you day turned out nicely in the end!

  4. EEEEK I LOVE it!! Thank you thank you! I'm so sorry it was such a challenge for you, but at the same time I'm not sorry at all because I love it!! :) Heh heh...

    I also love the tiggly winks? Ack I can't remember the name sorry. Anyway good on you for pushing yourself to finish it! I would have cried.

    I have done precicely 0 sewing in 5 days now. Spent the weekend nursing a sick baby instead :( So I would have happily traded with you.... But my cuddle tank is happily full at least and I'm also happy that by bedtime tonight there was a smile back on her face.

  5. PS I did stay in my PJs ALL weekend barr having to get dressed briefly to take little one to the doctor... but as no quilting was done I don't have anything to link up :(
    Still love your linky party though

  6. Congratulations on persevering .. I would have just thrown my hands up and walked away .. and for my pity party I would have stayed in my pjs AND my bed.

  7. So frustrating to sew or unsew the wrong things! We've all been there :)

    Tiggly Winks turned out beautifully!

    I can only do scrappy if I limit the color palette - it confuses my brain too much otherwise.

  8. Glad your day shaped up........I had to swear at my embroidery machine this afternoon, it was not playing nicely!!

  9. Sounds like you had some fun on the weekend! I'm always unpicking things so I can sympathise! Tiddly Winks is beautiful! I'm glad youre liking it more now. Your scrappy block is a stunner too! Its so interesting to hear your views on scrappiness. Im such a scrappy girl myself.

  10. You made a scrappy block and survived! Go you! It's beautiful.

    It was worth unpicking tiddly winks. It looks fabulous. I hate it when something doesn't go according to plan. All's well that ends well!

    (When the swearing starts here Mr. P finds things to do in the shed)

    It appears your weekend had an especially relaxing finish.

  11. Sorry Marg, i know i shouldnt laugh at others misfortunes but couldnt help but have a giggle at your time spent with the seam ripper ! It was worth it though its looking fantastic!

  12. At least you have bragging rights about the rugby. Yesterday was such a glorious day here in Queensland wasn't it. Your quilt is beautiful. I love it.
    Glad you got to get out with your friend and enjoy the great weather.

  13. Oh Marg..... isnt it wonderful that at the end of it all you can proudly boast that you just popped down to Hastings st, NOOOSA for a vino with friends. How lucky are you.

  14. Great scrappy block. I can't do scrappy well either so you are not alone.

    Tiggly Winks looks lovely. It's worth it if you can perservere through the errors, but I sure hate those days! Great job.

  15. Another lovely quilt you clever girl. I hate it when I have to unpick but we all have to do it.
    What a shame to have missed such an exciting Rugby game but the weather was pretty awful.
    At least you got out yesterday which was lovely wasn't it? Summer is on the way ( worse luck, I love Winter )


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