Sunday, August 7, 2011

Pyjama (not much of a party) Sunday

I had such grand plans for the weekend.  A quiet weekend spent relaxing at home, sewing. Sigh, unfortunately the universe didn't see it quite that way.
In a nutshell, I didn't find very much time at all to sew.

Last night, I had the house to myself so was planning lots of craftiness, but started feeling a little unwell, so kept it to a minimum and finished the last few inches/centimetres of the binding on Spice Boxes, so yay, yippee, yahoo, finally a finish. I haven't taken a photo yet as I need a quilt holder upperer, so I promise pics tomorrow.
I'm a bit flat today as have had the "wonderful" experience of how shitty some of humanity can be, nothing life threatening, unless I get my hands on the person who ruined BP's day, then they might feel their life threatened, but it was enough to throw a spanner in the works.  It involved an impromptu drive to Brisbane and back and some help from lovely friends in Brisbane.

BP was in Brisbane with friends when someone broke into the house where she was staying and stole her handbag. Her car keys were in her handbag so they then stole her car.  That meant driving 140 kms (almost 90 miles) one way, to go and get her and then bring her home.  Fortunately our friends in Brisbane don't live too far away from where she was staying, so they went over to keep her company and offer support when she filed the police report.  BP is fine just shaken that someone could do that.  The good news is the police have rung to say that her bag was found, minus the small amount of cash, car keys, and two rings.  Our lovely family friends have now gone to the police station to pick the bag up for BP, yay. Fortunately all her I.D. was still intact so we don't have to race around getting a new drivers licence, medicare card, etc. I was so not looking forward to that.  We only have to organize new bank debit cards which I cancelled this morning as soon as I found out about the theft. The bad news, the car is still missing, but we have full insurance so everything is covered including the things that were in her car like her GPS and iPod. I spent half the afternoon on the phone to the insurance company to lodge the claim.  All in all not a particularly nice day and definitely no party, oh well, that's life, sometimes it throws you a curve ball. I'm determined to do PJ PS as I'm not going to let it throw me completely.

So all I have to show for my weekend is

Mystery Quilt block

Mystery Quilt block

two more blocks for the mystery quilt.

Mystery quilt

Strips cut ready for the plaited blocks in the Mystery Quilt.

Flurry Quilt
Finishing on a lighter note, I finished the Flurry Quilt top on Thursday, happy dance!!!!!!!  
This photo is rubbish, I wasn't even going to post it as the quilt needs pressing and it was taken this evening in not very good lighting, but I wanted to show that I have actually completed it and I needed to finish this post on a positive note.  I'm not sure why I'm always surprised at the size of things I make from patterns. I read the dimensions of the pattern but it doesn't seem to sink in exactly how big it will be. This is way bigger than I thought, 

waaaaay bigger.  

I promise to post better photos during the week.

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I hope everyone (including me) has a very happy week.


  1. Oh my God....something nobody needs. I am just glad BP is o.k. and that she wasn´t in the house when the burglars came...
    Congrats on the TWO finishes. The Flurry looks great...I so love those fabrics...and cannot get my hand on them...oh well...
    I will link up later, since it is barely noon here and I just got off sewing so far :-)
    Hope your week will be better than your weekeend.

  2. Boo for low-life thieves. Yay for a flurry finish - it looks fab!

  3. Glad BP is fine - now it is just the inconvenience of waiting for things to be replaced/sorted. Hope it all goes smoothly.
    That top is looking smart already well done. Love those blocks and the black and white strips look interesting already.
    Have a great week.

  4. Whoa! That's all pretty crappity crap! I'm glad BP is okay apart from being shaken. Spice boxes is finished Yay! Flurry top is finished Yay!! I'm curious to see how the mystery quilt will turn out, I like your use of black and white in those blocks.

  5. Oh no - I'm so sorry to hear that Marg! We had our house broken into last year and it still gets to me sometimes even now - it's such a violation!!
    Such wonderful sewing you've done this weekend though. Just beautiful!! That (mc)Flurry quilt is looking wonderful!


  6. Glad that BP is OK. Sorry it was such a crappy weekend for you both.

    Flurry looks great. I love your mystery quilt blocks, the brights with the black polka dots is stunning.

    Hope things calm down and you have the chance to restore some of your sanity by spending quality time in your sewing room.

  7. Poor BP. Its horrible when it happens to anyone, but she is still so young. I've been burgled twice and had my car stolen another time. It does take a lot out of you, but please reassure her that no matter how crap she feels at the moment, it will improve.

  8. Oh.My.Golly. I've never been a car-theft / purse-theft victim, and am not sure how I'd handle it. I'm so sorry for BP and you to have to go through something this awful. Hope your faith in humanity is quickly restored.

    On a good note, your Flurry is fabulous! I love the prints you used. Funny, I thought my Flurry turned out smaller rather than larger. ☺

    Happy Sunday night!

  9. Good Grief - Flurry looks huge. If your quilt is accurate then Im only about half way through mine! Your top looks lovely!

    Sorry to hear about your day. It sucks when you're planning to relax and the selfish actions of some pinhead mean you have to completely re-arrange your day.Thank goodness it wasnt worse and BP is OK.

  10. What a shitty thing to happen - it sounds like BP was at home at the time and THAT is the scarey part ! I can imagine how shaken she is/was. Hope they find the car and it is OK but in some ways it would be better not.
    A fresh start might be better if your insurance will get her a good replacement. In the meantime you will have to cope with the inconvenience of coping with one car !! As I said , shitty!

  11. Glad your daughter is OK Marg, and shame on those low lifes who spoiled your ( and BPs ) weekend. What a horrible thing for her to go through.

    Your Flurry looks Fantastic! Love your mystery blocks too - cant wait to see that all come together.


  12. I'm so sorry you and BP had to go through all that. Glad to hear she is doing well though.

    Congrats on the Flurry and Spice Box finishes!

  13. that really is crappity crap. I'm thankful that your friends were nearby to console your daughter. here's hoping that those low-lifes get caught! That really is a scary thought that she was at home while her purse was stolen. So thankful she's home safely.

    love the quilt! it looks perfectly Christmas-y without being gaudy!

  14. Oh man, that just sucks about the theft of BP's bag and car!

    Your star blocks are so fun and cheerful, and the Christmas package quilt is just fabulous!

  15. Your post didn't come up on my reader till this afternoon but I gathered from your email that the weekend was not good :-( Nothing like a bad dose of humanity to give you the erks with mankind. Poor BP I'm sure she was stressed about it all..... Glad to see the finished Flurry quilttop it is huge isn't it! Hope it all turns out OK xx


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