Wednesday, December 7, 2011

WIP Wednesday (partying all by myself)

The last couple of weeks have been quite productive for me. I've been trying to finish up a couple more WIP's as I was really starting to feel that they were getting the better of me, and when Julie helped me tidy up my sewing stuff, I realised how many WIP's and projects I had either started or wanted to start. This week Im going to do my own mini WIP Wednesday post, even though Lee is having a well earned break from hosting the linky party.

Urban Stars

After finishing Urban Stars, I was enthused enough to start and finish making the backing for the Floral Bouquet quilt.
Floral bouquet blocks

A couple of peeks at the back.
Another sneak peek of something!

I really enjoyed making the backing. I decided to improvise as I went and had fun, until I kept on having to add piece after piece to make it big enough. The backing is roughly 96" x 66". It's a weird size, long and narrow! This one is going off to Fiona to be quilted, I just couldn't see me quilting this one.

I've also been working away on the Starflowers.
Starflower 11

Starflower 12

Prep for more starflowers

Adding a few made in Kaffe fabrics to mix it up a bit.
Starflower 13

Starflower prep

So the last couple of weeks have been very productive for me. I have found my mojo again, I hope it stays for a bit longer than last time.

Worked On This Week (Fortnight)
Urban Stars
Floral Bouquet

Sitting Patiently On The Sidelines Waiting For Me To Show Some Interest
Mystery Quilt
Tiggly Winks - basted and now desperately trying to decide how to quilt it.
Circle Game BOM
Material Obsession BOM

McFlurry - backing. I've officially decided that the Christmas quilt will be ready for Christmas 2012 as I have absolutely no hope what so ever of getting it finished in the next couple of weeks. Others would have no problems, I would, so it's shelved until next year.
Monochromatic Challenge - I think this is going to go in the UFO pile

Weeks Statistics
Finished - 1
Worked On - 3
Ignored - 6
New - 0   My will power is outstanding

Thanks to Lee for hosting WIP Wednesday each week, it has really helped me focus (occasionally) on my WIP's and make inroads into reducing them this year. I'm looking forward to finishing more early next year.

I'm going all out and saying that I'm not going to attempt any big quilts next year. When I say big I mean anything bigger than a lap size throw.  I want to spend more time trying techniques and playing and having fun. I like the idea of making mini quilts or mug rugs. I think they will be great to try out new techniques, play with colour and they will be much quicker. I might even join in another swap or two after really enjoying Kat's Scrappy Swap.
I also want to concentrate on the BOM's that I started this year, I didn't get very far at all with either of them.  (Unfortunately they are both going to be quite large when finished so these won't count in my no big quilts pledge for 2012).
Oh and the quilt I'm making for my sister for her birthday, that's not going to be small either. Looks like my pledge isn't going to hold for too long.


  1. Glad you got your mojo back, Marg. You are going like a train. Still loving your star flowers!!

  2. Looks like some pretty good progress to me!

  3. Wow you always have SUCH pretty eye candy Marg! And yay for swaps- hope you'll be joining us in Feb then for round 2 :)

  4. Good for you, glad you have your mojo. I love the star flowers.

  5. Glad you have your mojo back! Such a riot of colour happening here! Love the Urban Stars AND your pretty star flowers! Perhaps I'll start mine! I need a new project, right?

  6. Hello mojo, where ya been? Love everything you are doing here. Look forward to seeing the progress.

  7. I'm sure BP will need some quilty stuff to make her new place homey too. Perhaps some of those smaller projects will find a home there?

  8. You made some great progress this week! Wish I could say the same :)

  9. I'll party with you! You made great progress this week. Love you projects!

  10. I love Urban Stars and all of your star flowers. You really have been busy.
    I decided not to start ANY new quilts next year unless I finish ALL ufos, but I don´t think I can hold on to that decision for long. :-)

  11. Yay for getting your mojo back!!! Your flower quilt is so beautiful , it deserves an extra special backing! It's lovely seeing your star flowers growing too!!

  12. Way to go on the stars. I really do love them.

    You're doing a crazy amount of stuff at the moment. Having seen the back in it's beautiful entirety I can say it;s absolutely gorgeous.

    I think smaller quilts are the way to go. Big ones take forever!(and I hate quilting big quilts )

  13. Love everything you are working on...especially that paper piecing! You have had a productive week that backing too. Good to plan ahead...but who knows when inspiration will grab hold!

  14. I remember that Floral Bouquet quilt, I am so happy to hear it is off to be quilted, as it is wonderful! As are the beautiful stars. I think that you will be making whatever feels right next year, whether it is big or smaller.

  15. When you get your mojo back the results are spectacular. I hope you have a great week.


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