Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Putting It Out There

I'm trying to stay accountable, folks. This is a list of what I would like to make in the next few months/years! Feel free to nag me occasionally and remind me of this list.

Do something with these 2 1/2 inch squares.
2 1/2 inch squares

The original plan was to make something influenced by this.
Taken from here
Now I'm having serious reservations whether I can stick at sewing a squillion hexies. If you can come up with any other ideas of what I can do with about 500 x 2 1/2 inch squares that are not accurately cut, as they were for EPP so accuracy was not an issue, help me out, pretty please.

Quilt for Karma, the dog. Another one, so that he has somewhere else to sit besides my very nice rug.

A quilt to go over the back of the new sofa so that the cats can't  sit on the back and sharpen their claws, bastards.
For that, I'm posting this photo of him.
Try to complete some more Amitie and Material Obsession BOM blocks.

Keep up with Katy and her Everything And The Kitchen Sink paper piecing blocks.

A wall hanging for my bedroom. I'd love to start on that but I need to buy more fabric, argh. I hardly have any fabric at all in  the colour I need, typical. I have hundreds lots of yards in every other colour but a total of about half a yard of washed out denim blue.
It's a little more blue in real life.

FInish the quilt I was supposed to make for my sister's *0th birthday last year. I finished the top in time to give it to her on her birthday. Maybe I should aim to make a backing and baste it this year and give it to her like that as this years present. Then I could take it back, again, and quilt and bind it and give it to her as next year's present.  

Gay Paris
Then there's all the WIP's I should finish. I'm not sure whether I should list them as I was so rude to someone about her 38 WIP's, cough, Katy, cough, and I'm worried I may come close.  

There's no time limit on any of these, except for my sister's, it's more as a reference to remind me of what I'm aiming for this year.


  1. Still laughing my fool head off at your box of inaccurately cut 2.5" squares. Take some, make hexies and make a cushion. Then decide if you are prepared to do a hexie project bigger than that. If not then do an improv postage stamp like you intended for it to look like it was pieced by a five year old all along and not worry about matching any corners up. (I have a feeling you are not taking kindly to this comment - heehee!)

  2. Given that my EPP project has over 850 pieces in it and its only going to be about 45" square, i suggest rethinking the hexie project! Then do what Susan said! She's much wiser than either of us!

  3. Good luck with your goals Marg. No useful advice on piecing anything from this quarter. I am sure you will make something wonderful. Poor Karma.

  4. Great idea to list your to do list. How about doing a ticker tape quilt (https://www.google.com/search?q=ticker+tape+quilt&hl=en&tbo=u&tbm=isch&source=univ&sa=X&ei=ku0QUej8GceGrAeT0ICYBQ&ved=0CC8QsAQ&biw=1092&bih=514). That way you can just use your squares as they are. Regarding your wall hanging for your bed room; isn't it difficult to find blues that go together? I find that the most annoying colour to match. And I'm wondering if your sister will fall for your birthday gift scheme???

  5. Oh I like that quilt cover....

    Bailey looks like a rabbit in that photo. If I didnt know you like to muck around with photo manipulation I'd be very worried.

    Im with Susan ...

  6. That's a serious amount of very small squares.... I have no idea what to use them for if not EPP. Maybe as middle section on a few purses and small things like that?
    I know what I would be tempted to do. Open a great bottle of wine in the kitchen, run downstairs and toss the itsy bitty pieces to the bin, then run back to the kitchen drinking my wine and hoping it would make me forget all about the small pieces of fabric, whose only fault was they were too small and I am too impatient.

  7. Well now that I'm smugly down to 33 WIPs, I say list 'em ;o) I was all set to by that hexie kit, and then I asked myself how long it would take to do 1000 hexies even if I did glue the fabric to the templates (which works really well BTW) and decided life was too short... Go with the cushions or mod mosaics, then it's *meant* to be wonky :oD

  8. Could you make those squares into a wonky square quilt for Bailey? I'm sure he'd love it! Your bedroom looks so pretty, I'm looking forward to seeing a wall hanging in pale denim blues, French General would be nice! I freak out when I think about my UFO's , good on you for listing some and having goals.

  9. Great plan for your sister's quilt! Should endear you to her !
    Sorry, I've got no idea what to use those squares for, perhaps you should just keep going with the hexies... unless you want to recut them all to make proper 2 inch squares and that sounds very tedious to me.
    Sounds like you have plenty planned for this year.

  10. Maybe you could come up with some strips to go with the squares and make some chunky blocks (check out this one at Never to Hott to Stitch http://2hot2knit.blogspot.com/2013/02/and-sky.html and this one at Kathy's Quilts http://kathysquilts.blogspot.com/2013/01/design-wall-monday-4.html) Not your usual precision piecing, but it might be something fun and different to try.

  11. far out, that is a lot of squares, you could just sew the squares in rows of tonal colours, if you plan out the arrangement so it looks like a rainbow quilt, maybe ?

  12. OK...the cat picture....I was thinking I was having problems with my eyes this morning since I haven't had a full cup of coffee yet. LOL!!! I do understand those nasty little WIP's. I choose to think of them as "When I Prefer (to make them), rather than Work In Process. That keeps me in control then, rather than the project taking me over with it's nasty little "ha ha look at me sitting here unfinished" look. :) Beautiful bedroom by the way!

  13. Well, it is a good list, you can join the FAL in April is anything is left to do. I think that you should make the hexies, maybe try the glue Katy suggests. Or they would work great to make a lot of really tiny wonky stars or improv snowball blocks, or any other block with improv triangles stitched onto the corners, there are several. Or sew them together into a large colourful mosaic/pixellated type piece and use that as a wall hanging or the centre medallion of a quilt. Do not toss them out.


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