Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Crochet Waves

This is my latest work in progress. I adapted the pattern from The Big Book of Dishcloths.  I added a second row of double crochet (UK) single crochet (US) in between the colour changes so it would stand out more.  I love the colours in this piece, although the dark colour is chocolate brown, it looks almost black in the photo, and the darker blue is more of a slate blue and it looks a bit jacaranda blue here.  I am going to make a cushion, but as usual I forged ahead without doing a sample and figured it would be the correct size after measuring the first couple of rows.   Low and behold it is much smaller than I wanted it, but I am not undoing it. I am now trying to figure out creative ways of adding to it to make it the correct size.  Failing that, I WILL find a cushion insert that will fit!!!!!

I am really loving crochet again. It is so quick easy and very portable. Great when ferrying a teenage daughter around!  The only problem is I have to do it in air conditioned comfort as it is no fun sweating in 30 degree C (86F) heat and 70+ percent humidity and having the wool stick to your fingers, eeewww!!!!!!

I have also been working on another piece, but I can't reveal it yet as it is a present for someone, so stay tuned, in a couple of weeks I will post it.


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  2. Hello! Thank you for visiting my blog! I love your crochet and the colours. Are you posting on 'Thing a day' this month? I am and really enjoying it


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