Monday, February 15, 2010

Hot and Steamy in Paradise

With the temp up around 32C (90F) today and the humidity hovering around 80%, it was a day perfect for hiding in air-conditioned comfort. Instead of melting away under the burning sun, and sweating perspiring and getting all stinky,  I thought it the perfect opportunity to start on a new quilt, so I cranked up the air con and dusted the cobwebs off the old faithful Pfaff.  My brain started frying when I had to try and remember where I stored all my quilting gear.   I sort of new where it would be, it was more trying to remember what paraphernalia I would actually need to use.
This was my spur of the moment purchase on the weekend. Instead of waiting like a good girl until the beautiful fabric I ordered from the US to arrive, I had a moment of - I have to have it and I want it now. 
After staring at it and running my fingers over it since Saturday, it was calling to me.   I crossed my fingers and started to plan what I would make and then try and cut, without making mistakes.  I decided to use the quilt pattern Confetti Bloom Quilt from  here as the basis for the quilt. I have altered it and I am making it half the size and I am going to applique something different, which I will reveal later when I have actually cut it out and figured out which way I am going to applique, I am torn between hand sewing and turning under the edges or machine sewing and leaving a raw edge.  Machine sewing will probably win out as I am lazy and love a quick result.

This is part of what I had completed late afternoon. I had to stop and take a photo then as the light was going.  Unfortunately it has come out a bit lighter than it should. It should be the same colour as the first photo of the roll at the top of the post.

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