Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A not very productive day

No photos today.

Today, didn't start off as well as it should.  I was going to take photos of the granny squares that I joined last night.  I am very very pleased with them, and it was the first time I had tried joining them "on the go" as opposed to sewing them all together at the end. I forgot about the photos until late this afternoon, when it was dark, cloudy, gloomy and about to rain!

I want to applique some shapes on to my "Japanese" quilt. I haven't machine appliqued for a very very very long time. I thought that this would be quicker than needle turning..... Well, it wasn't.  First, it took me a good 15 mins to remember how to attach the sewing foot, and that was only after I finally found the instructions in the manual.  I started off on a sample piece to get the hang of it.  I was a bit nervous and didn't exactly flow back into it, but I began to get the hang of it.  Finished up, cut the ends, turned it over and OMG the loops of thread on the back, I could make a pile rug with it. So knowing a teensy weensy bit next to nothing about sewing machines, figured I had the tension wrong, so adjusted it and tried again, bent the needle and jammed a whole lot of thread in the bobbin casing and housing. I gave up on free machine embroidery at this time. Tried straight stitching ( with a new needle) to check tension, all ok. I had a change of heart and thought I would try one last time, and yep, more loopy thread underneath.  So now, what do I do???  Send my trusty Pfaff off to intensive care, or hand applique and just use the machine for piecing, hemming etc.  I am sure hoping there is an easy fix, so if anyone out there has any suggestions, please help, pretty please.

PS I changed the bobbin and used a different colour thread, it is definitely the top thread looping underneath.

PPS I almost finished the back of the ripply/wavy cushion and if I would just leave the computer alone I could probably finish the last few rows tonight, ready to sew together and have it finished by the end of the weekend.

PPPS I hope your day was better.


  1. Oh dear! how very frustrating. A few tips:Make sure top and bottom threads are the same; always have the presser foot down when free machine embroidering; re-thread top thread and the bobbin again; make sure that the fabric is firm is not happy on very thin fabric. Try again free machine stitching onto something like Vilene for practise. If looping underneath try tighening up the top tension. If all else fails....throw the bloody thing out of the window and pour a large gin and toninc. M x

  2. Moira, thanks, I am going straight to the gin and tonic!!!!! Thanks for the tips, I will try again. I didn't have the presser foot down, as every time I put it down the fabric wouldn't move. I put some iron on stuff that you can tear off when finished, can't remember the name, under the backing layer of cotton and then a similar weight cotton to qpplique. Maybe if i start with the G and T it will be easier. I will let you know, thanks again.

  3. If the fabric didn't move have you remembered to drop the feed dogs? Look at your book. Maybe there is a little plate you need to use to cover the feed dogs if you cannot drop them. You then move the fabric yourself. I know Elna uses this system. KEEP TRYING!

  4. Thanks yes I had dropped the feed dogs. I will keep trying, couldn't face it today, so have been finishing off the cushion instead. Fingers crossed I will finish that tonight, and then after a nice sleep, I will try again tomorrow. I know I can do it on this machine as I used to do it, I even have a piece of stipple quilting I did a few years ago ( about 7 ) as proof!!!!! I think in a fit of pique I tightened the top tension way too much and that's when I bent the needle. Maybe I need to chill out a bit more, that's where the G and T might come in handy!!!

    M xx

  5. Another thought....always pull the bobbin thread to the surface and hag onto both threads first before sewing. Forgot that bit!


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