Monday, February 1, 2010


The other day I was driving around the car park of the hospital, looking for a parking space, I was there to visit a very close friend J who had just had surgery.  My phone rang, I have blue tooth hands free, so I could answer it!!!  A girlfriend, R says to me, hello, what has angel bitchypoo done, why do you hate her? Silence my end,.......... ummm, what are you talking about?  R says, you have posted on facebook...I hate my daughter!!!!  Keep in mind I am desperately trying to find a parking space, so am not really concentrating,  I just said, are you sure, I would never type that on facebook, (I might have cause to think that occasionally but I would never ever put it in writing!)  I finally found a parking space and said that sounds weird, I definitely wouldn't have done that.  I have to go see J, talk to you later.

After a couple of hours visiting in the hospital, I come out to find have a couple of missed calls from another girlfriend.  I ring her to apologise that I had missed her calls. The first thing she says to me is.......I was just seeing if you needed a shoulder to cry on, what has angel bitchypoo done? Again, silence my end.  T says I have just been on facebook and saw that you had written...I hate my daughter.  The penny now drops and I realize that bitchypoo has hacked into my facebook account and written that, because she was really really annoyed with me.  Aren't teenage daughters wonderful!

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