Friday, February 12, 2010

Happy flowers

Any horizontal surface in my house usually has "junk" placed on it. Junk being something that shouldn't be there. I bought these lovely gerberas the other day and I was about to put them on the dining table when I realised there was so much stuff on the table, I wouldn't see these pretty flowers in all their loveliness.  So I got to it, and tidied up all my crafty things that had been sitting there for weeks without me actually using them, my daughters school books, pens, and all the other stuff.  So now I am happy, as these flowers are so pretty, and to let them do their pretty thing I cleaned up my table and that also makes me happy. I think that is a win all round!!!!

Don't they look beautiful.  I would not normally buy flowers this colour, but I just lurve those beautiful black centres.

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