Saturday, February 27, 2010


Many many years ago I used to scrap book.  I gave it up as I spent way too much on papers and embellishments, and I bought a digital camera and never had any photos developed.  Recently in December, thanks to my friend R, I started scrapping again.  On a Friday night the local scrap book store has open nights, so, as I don't have a life, ha ha, you can find me when I have nothing else planned, scrapping away, getting ideas and trying to finish a few more pages.  I decided to scrap photos and post cards from our holiday in Dubai in Jan 09, when we stayed with friends.  I am going WAY outside my comfort zone and trying to embellish more and use papers with a more intricate and interesting pattern. 

Here are a couple that I have finished.

You can still see the old me style fighting to get out. In this one below I used postcards.

I just love the papers and would quite happily have a scrapbook filled with pages of beautiful paper, no photos, no embellishments.

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