Saturday, January 8, 2011

A Dresden plate

I finally cut up some fabric after buying one of these babies.

It is absolutely fabulous, and makes cutting different size Dresden blades a dream. So with a little help from my quilting guru, Shay, and this guy, I made one this afternoon.

My very first Dresden plate.

 I didn't even use any of the fabrics from this bundle that I had pulled together to make Dresden plates.

Fortunately Unfortunately I made a little trip to Patchwork Angel today and kind of bought some more fabric. OK I admit it my name is Margaret and not only am I an Ikeaholic I'm a fabricaholic, or, I just plain don't have any will power!

While I was there I also bought these

To go with these that I haven't bought yet but will very soon. I fell in love with this line, it's so cute.

Karma needs a quilt. If I say that often enough it will be true. 

I apologise for more fabric pics, I am officially making up for everyone else who has gone on a fabric diet, and I'm single handedly keeping fabric manufacturers afloat, so that you can all benefit when you stop your self imposed fabric moratorium. It's a hard job but someone has to do it.


  1. Nice stash busters in this and the last post, you can never have enough I say!! :-)

  2. Yes, you keep buying it and showing us your yummy treasures - that way we get all of the pleasure without any of the financial pain.

    Recently bought one of those rulers too - they are pretty cool.

  3. Weirdly, even though I'm emphatically not on a fabric diet, I haven't really bought any this year. I just haven't seen anything I've fallen madly in love with enough to buy. Even though the Max and Whiskas is very cute, I'm not sure about the colourways. I'm in the mood for bright, even fluro right now.

    I'm much too soft to try something tough like a dresden, so I'm impressed by anyone brave enough to make the leap. I like my angles to be right ones.

  4. Marg,

    That dresden is absolutely gorgeous! I love, love, love it! And your new fabrics {from this post and last} are fabulous!

    xo -El

  5. We appreciate your sacrifice, Marg, in helping to keep the fabric suppliers afloat. :-) I, too, have contributed to the cause extravagantly in the last couple of weeks.

    The Dresden is gorgeous.

  6. haha hope you weren't referring to ME were you!!?? lol I traded fabric for paints today - not sure if that is a good idea or not. And seeing as we are an a confession roll today - ok - I admit I am an Ikeaholic too :-) Is the Dresden plate for a quilt or pillow?

  7. Love the dresden plate, its on my list ( one day! ). I havent actually bought any fabric (yet) so youre doing a good job Marg keeping evryone in business!

  8. I love your Dresden. Your colour choices are just wonderful!

    I was pleasantly surprised at how easy these are to put together. Let's so how much I love them when I go to attach those middle circles.

    I want to say thank you for your sacrifice. It heartens me to know that you're taking one for the global team in regards to buying fabric when there are those of us that are trying hard not to. I shall spend 2011 living vicariously through your shopping expeditions knowing you are buying things to prevent me from breaking my vow. You are a complete legend.

  9. Love the Dresden plate, the colors are beautiful.

    I do appreciate your sacrifice and the willingness as Shay says to take one for the global team. It's a big responsibility but you seem so very capable of handling it.

  10. you and Shay are supposed to be saving your pennies so you can come visit your blogging friends over here in the US of A!!!


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