Friday, January 7, 2011

Stash enhancement

 I haven't bought any fabric so far this year, that's 7 whole days and counting. However I did make a couple of teeny tiny (snort) purchases on 31st December 2010, which even though I ordered them in 2010, I didn't technically pay for them until this year.  As I see it, I ordered it in 2010 so it counts as 2010 stash!!!!!!!

These are the first arrivals, from the FQS.

3 1/2 yds of Bella white bleached along with these 5 half yards,  3 pink,  Kumari Garden, Bonnes Amies Confection and Delilah Pink Dots, all for different projects.  Two of the Ty Pennington range,  the kiwi colour is not what I would call kiwi, it is SO bright, it doesn't look anything like what I thought it would.  This can be an annoying problem when ordering fabric online,  I'm sure I'll be able to do something with it, one day, if not it might appear in a give away.  I love the grey/white one that is beautiful.

Meanwhile, today I was supposed to be cutting into this pile, to start on another project, but I was seriously distracted  by having to dig trenches, and continually empty the swimming pool as we had 126mm of rain (5 inches) from 8am until 4pm today. Bizarre, as my parents only live about 6kms (just under 4 miles) away and they didn't get much at all.

 My hastily dug trench. The sun came out for a few minutes.
Gutters overflowing
 Garden beds under water

I am not complaining too much as this is nothing compared to what they are facing north of here.


  1. I love your stash! That grey is so pretty! Lucky you I have put a ban on myself! I MUST stick to it :-S

  2. Oh yummy stash!

    You have been tagged on my blog, please pop over to see why and accept only if you wish to :0)

  3. Noice fabrics there Marg! What are the third photo fabrics? and what do you have planned for them??
    - Very nosy arent i?!

  4. OOOhh lots of lovelies!! Stocking up on supplies is the responsible thing to do with all the rain thats going on. Imagine how pretty your sand bags would be. I'm really loving the Bon Amie bird prints, I've been resisting so far but maybe the fact that you mentioned the range is a sign for me to get some. I'm glad your latest rain isn't too serious.

  5. lovely fabrics marg......might have to look for those myself as inspired by your fab stuff i am embarking on a little patchwork myself......we have torrential rain today too but nothing like you guys are suffering.....

  6. I love that grey and kiwi in the 2nd pic.

    Explain why you are digging trenches? Is that to direct the water a certain way?

    Also - how posh are you with a swimming pool! And how did you empty it?

  7. Keep posting - Im going to live vicariously through your fabric buying this year.

    I love ALL of those. Especially the grey and white.

    Looks a bit wet up your way . Want me to send you some floaties or fins?

  8. I, too, love the gray and lime fabric! I didn't know you had a pool - I guess you haven't been able to use it too much!

    stay dry - that does not sound like fun, but I'm glad you live on a hill!


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