Friday, January 7, 2011

Favourite Things Friday

Yay, Favourite Things Friday is back for 2011.

This week my favourite thing is:

I love going to Ikea and being inspired by their great designs. I have quite a few Ikea things in my home, but I like to combine them with other styles and designs, I love the eclectic look.

When I went to  Europe in 2009 I even took photos of Ikea stores, strange but it was a running joke I had with a girlfriend who thought I liked Ikea a little too much.

I just replaced my sofas with new ones from Ikea, I wanted slip covers and these were such a good price and the slip covers are washable. Even with two cats a dog and a grotty teenager, they come up like brand new after washing.

I also picked up new cushions for the chairs and the hammock on the verandah on our last visit.

The boxes are great for keeping your fur babies.

You never know what you might bring home from Ikea next time you go. 

Head on over to Quilting In My Pyjamas  for her linky party to add your Favourite Thing  and read all about and comment on everyone's  favourite things this week.


  1. Oh, how I wish we had an Ikea around here! I've never been to one, but I keep seeing all these great things that come from there. I certainly can see why it's your favorite thing!

  2. Yes i would be a happy woman if Ikea ever came to Darwin!

  3. I have to confess .. even though there is an IKEA next to the Mall of America ... I've never been there, I've been told it takes days to appreciate it and well so does trekking thru the miles of halls at the Mall of America ... (the shopping mecca of North America ....)

  4. Ikea overwhelms me but I can understand why it would be your favorite thing! It's cool you took pictures of Ikea in Europe!

  5. I understand why it is your favourite thing - sure can spend a lot of time in there dreaming and planning.

    Those cushions are very nice.


  6. Hmm how did I miss this post? I LOVE LOVE LOVE Ikea and I have been eying off those cushions for yonks!

  7. IKEA is such a cool place to shop. We were close to one when we lived in Texas, I don't think there is one in Oklahoma.

  8. LOVE LOVE LOVE IKEA. And we have one right around the corner. just went there on Wednesday. Gee, I think my house is like an IKEA store. Most of the things I own are from IKEA...shame on me.

  9. I've never been to IKEA, but there's a new one a couple of hours from here. I may have to go over there sometime. Happy FTF.

  10. Excellent favorite! IKEA is one of my favorite places to visit. It's like an all-day adventure rummaging around that huge store. I love that they have a cafeteria, so I can stop and re-fuel before I continue on my purchasing expedition. :o) Happy FTF!

  11. Love IKEA and have those same cushions!! You are so right about them - they go in the washing machine minging and come out blinging... how could we not love them! (I got the matching light shade to for my bedroom) :0)

    Cool favourite things Friday.

  12. Marg - I love IKEA (you already knew that) - I just love the simplicity, the clean lines, and most importantly, the affordability!!!

    as you know, we just bought furniture for our girls room, to "tween it up".

    love the pics of your sofa, verandah, etc.

    I'm jealous of your climate and your outdoor furniture - enjoy it for me! :)

  13. Ikea people are called "Ikeaholics" here in Canada.
    I have a sectional at the cottage, lots of dishes, wine glasses (50cents ea), duvet covers, frames and love love going there.
    We called friends in Sweden one time and they were in IKEA! How good was that?
    And the food is so cheap for lunch too!

  14. I love IKEA also. I think it's a cult store like Wegman's supermarkets. You try it and either love it and must always go or hate it and must stay away! lol

  15. I am 500km from the nearest IKEA. I like to use this as the reason my room's so messy.

  16. I've heard of Ikea for years, but except for their online presence, I've never seen one. You certainly have some pretty things courtesy of Ikea!

  17. When I first set up my own home my flat could have been in an ikea catalogue.

    Sofa, chairs, units, rugs, wardrobes, pillows, duvet, bedding, cutlery, crockery! About the only thing that didn't come from there was my bed.

    It was very easy as I passed it every day coming home from work so I could get in there on quiet evenings like monday.

    Now though I haven't really got the patience for the weekend queues so avoid it.

  18. I love the meatballs at Ikea. The princess cake -not so much. I could go completely nuts there buying knick knacks, homewares and soft furnishings.

    Im going to publicly state I love Ikea too. They sell fabric there which just blew my mind.

    I love the way you've taken your Ikea finds and made them look so special in your home. You have a knack for decorating that I can only hope to emulate at some point.

    Fantastic FTF!

  19. I have never been to an Ikea but have passed by some while traveling! My DD and her boyfriend got a lot of good stuff there for their little place. Love your new slipcovers and cushions.

  20. I didn't join in FTF this week as I have been sick but do you think I could get one of those cute fur babies from IKEA too?? :-)


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