Saturday, January 1, 2011


I frankly don't have much to post about today, I just really wanted to have that as a title. Small things amuse small minds.

After two very lovely days, finally, of sunshine and blue skies, we are back to "showers" which seem to mean at least an inch of rain, we have had anything but showers today.

Last night I welcomed in the New Year, by going to the Sheraton at Noosa Heads. An interesting night.

My first new project for 2011. I've started working on this, 200 x 2 1/2" squares.

Why is it that I always buy really bright fabric and then I make pale, pastel things, very strange. Where does the pale fabric come from?   Questions that will need to be answered this year.

A photo of my kitchen bench, at least one day in 2011 it is clutter free.


  1. why was it 'interesting ' tell.....happy new year, thanks for all the advice re youngest x

  2. Hi Marge,
    Wishing you a Happy New Year from the UK!
    My house seems to be lovely and tidy at the moment. I have taken the tree down now and it's nice to have the house back to normal.
    I wish you a very creative and happy year!
    love Suex

  3. Happy New Year - you'll have to do another blog post titled 11.11.11 when the time is right :0)

    Isn't it odd when our fabric stash does that! Mmmmmmm - curious, perhaps further investigations (purchases) are necessary in order to get to the bottom of this ;0)

    What is it about 1st January that makes is clear our kitchen benches - I've done the exact same thing - admittedly pulling everything out and then putting it away again in the middle of preparing a 3 course family feast wasn't the most logical of decisions but hey-ho - you've gotta do what you've gotta do right?

    Have a fab 2011 x

  4. Good Morning Marg! It's nice to see a new project already. I expect you'll get up to all sorts of creativity in 2011.

    I'd like to know what sort of rocking time you had in Noosa too.

    And good for you for the clean bench thing. I did exactly the same thing yesterday!

  5. Happy New Year Marg.
    After your super creative year last year you're off to a good start again this year. It has been great to see all your projects and share your blogging time . I look forward to another fun filled year ahead.

  6. I'm such a ninny, I didn't even think of the date till I read your post title. I'd have wanted to do a post too if I'd noticed. I love the new project! I really like pretty quilts but mine always turn out bright and garish. Nice clean bench, I'm surprised there's not a fur baby sitting on it.

  7. Happy New Year ! love the fabrics in your new project! Heres to clean benches in 2011!

  8. Did you pull?? go on tell us! I couldn't be bothered this year so stayed in with my Mum and some champers and chocs! I know how to live.

  9. A clean house is a good way to start the year, I guess, I was at it too. The visual clutter, while festive, was getting to me!

    Pretty quilt, pastels and all. I seldom buy pastels or florals like that, but they sure are pretty in the right quilt. Looking good!

    P.S. It's raining here too but VERY COLD!!! Snow level is supposed to drop to 2500 feet.

  10. Oh to have a clean house!!! I love those squares it looks very pretty.


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