Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 finished

Another mosaic, this one is a compilation of the projects that I finished during the year.  All the quilts are now named, it's so much harder trying to find names for the crochet projects.

1. My favourite cushion, 2. Back of my favourite cushion, 3. Sea and Sand Cushion, 4. Back of Sea and Sand cushion, 5. Chocolate Hearts Quilt, 6. Front and back of Summer Fruit raggy quilt, 7. Crochet hot water bottle cover, 8. Crochet Scarf, 9. Picnic in Provence quilt, 10. Noro Shawl, 11. Table runner, 12. Laundry Banner, 13. Dusky sunburst throw, 14. Meg's crochet throw, 15. Coin quilt, 16. Kites and waves, 17. Granny squares cushion, 18. Back of granny squares cushion, 19. Indigo Cherry blossom, 20. Indigo Cherry Blossom, 21. Journal cover, 22. Close up of journal cover, 23. Cushion, 24. Wonky Owls, 25. Detail of back of Wonky Owls quilt, 26. Christmas stars, 27. Crochet star in metallic thread

Oops I forgot these.

Goodbye to 2010

I wish everyone a happy, healthy and prosperous year in 2011.

Thank you all so much for joining in my journey and becoming friends through the blogosphere. 
I hope to meet up with some "in person" in 2011.
A special mention and thanks to Shay who has been THE best friend, you have made 2010 a real joy. I love the emails and banter and hope we continue on our crappy (sometimes) happy quilty journey for many many years.


  1. is that all your work marg? you're amazing - I wish I could do that! well done mate - HNY too!

  2. Happy New Year Marg - hope it's a great one.

    Your mosaic is fab :0)

  3. Happy New Year - lovely mosaic you have there.


  4. Two of those projects now live at the pyjama residence. One gives my guest bedroom class and the other helps me create. I feel very blessed to be the beneficiary of your creativity.

    Did you blow your own mind with your massive "finished " list? For someone who says they dont finish things that looks like a pretty huge montage!

    And about what you said about me. Awwwwww thanks and right back at you Little Miss Sunshine.


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