Friday, December 17, 2010

Favourite Things Friday

It's the last FTF for this year. I have thoroughly enjoyed each Friday. Mrs P should be patted on the back and be given several gold stars for coming up with such a brilliant idea. I love touring all the blogs to see what wonderful favourites are posted each week, and I've been introduced to some lovely new blog friends through this as well. I love it when people make the effort to leave a comment after reading each linked post. It is a real pleasure each Friday to think of something interesting to post about and I can't wait to do it again next year.

This week I'm posting about two favourites, because I was all set to post about George, but then we had a number of massive storms here on the Sunshine Coast. We were very lucky at Chez Sunshine, no damage at all and not too much rain either, but lots of areas on the coast had damage. Due to this we were without power from 4.45 pm yesterday until 10.30 am this morning.  So my other favourite thing is electricity. I miss it when I don't have it.  Without electricity we have no lights, no computer (aaaaaggghhhh), and worst of all no water. No water to flush the toilets or have a shower, we live on acreage so no town water, it's all stored in tanks and needs a pump to get it to the house.  No aircon or overhead fans when it is 24 deg C (75F) at night to cool you down and 33C (90+F) during the day. So  now that my electricity is back on, I LOVE electricity. Fingers crossed the forecast storms for this afternoon and tomorrow are not as bad.
(I was prepared yesterday, with buckets of water and bottled water for drinking, lots and lots of candles, and a battery powered radio, so it wasn't a complete disaster, and we went to my parents house for a shower this morning. I've just bought a big bag of ice, just in case, and stocked up on more batteries, and I'm now charging the lap top, iPad, cell phone etc so we have something to play with if it happens again this afternoon.)

I want to finish on a high note and what better way than to watch the one and only George.
He is scrumptious and I just love these Nespresso ads.

Thank you everyone for coming to play on FTF and I'm really looking forward to seeing all new FTF's next year.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Have a lovely break and take care,


Here's the link back to Quilting In My Pyjamas.

PS  A long overdue thank you.  I completely missed mentioning that her awesomness, Shay came up with the name for my Wonky Owls, so thank you so much Shay, you saved me from going bald, tearing my hair out trying to think of a name.


  1. Great FTF! We often don't value a thing till we don't have it do we? When you think about electricity is probably our most important commodity - well water too of course but at the moment we have plenty of THAT !!
    I've enjoyed FTF too and will be back joining in again next year.

  2. Ditto to what Helsie said! She has put it so well I couldn't do better. Have a great Christmas and New Year too.


  3. I can so understand how you feel... We have regular power cuts here in India... We have one day off! Its tuesday here and we have no power from 9 am to 7 pm! And on other days we have a staggering power cut for about 3 hours (divided into 2 parts throughout the day) everyday... And yes, its really fustrating especially in Summer...

  4. glad to hear you're "back on the grid" Marg!

    If I have time to get around to my FTF today I think mine will be "staying warm"! I know you can't relate :)

    Have a great weekend!

  5. We don't ofte loose our power during thunderstorms, but the last couple of years we've had really bad ice storms. We've been lucky, the longest we lost power was a couple of hours, but we've had friends that live out of town that lost power for more then 3 weeks (the storm took not just the lines, but an entire set of poles down as well). So electricity is right up there on my list of favorite things too.

    I've enjoyed your FTF posts this year and hope to see more in 2011. Have a happy holiday season!

  6. At the cottage we used to have power outages after every storm it seemed...we got a generator and it's everyones favourite! We have coffee, water and lights...a few anyway. In the heat of summer, yeah we need the fans, but water is essential isn't it?

  7. i tend to take power for tornado all of our lines were buried and we seldom have outages anymore ... if we do it's an incoming transmission line and they are now burying them -- at least in town ... we are extremely fortunate ....

    and well george - well....

  8. I must say what a great couple of choices for FTF ..George and electricity.

    I love George from his ER days before he got mega mega famous. He is one of those blokes that has aged well. (I wonder if he gets work done?)

    And yes - not having electricity is a real bitch. No sewing machines, no computer and the inability to boil water for a cup of coffee. I certainly wouldn't be happy!

    Thank you my friend for playing along with FTF - your posts are always a delight to read.

  9. Ah, electricity! That wonderful thing we all take for granted until we don't have it. :-) Great favorite!

    I enjoyed the George commercials. I don't believe I've ever seen him do an American commercial. Very funny! Oddly enough, I was not a big fan of George, although I agree with Shay, he has aged well, and imo, has gotten better. But then I felt that way about Sean Connery too.

  10. Great! I must confess when I first read your post I was nodding my head about the electricity but not so much about George, he's never been one of my favorites (am I allowed to say that). But those commercials were great, especially the first one -- I love the heaven scenes! Thanks and Merry Christmas!

  11. George is great eye candy!

    And thanks, now you've made me nervous about winter storms, loss of electricity and no water pumped from our well. lol

  12. The funniest is when you have an electrical storm and there's lightning going off all around you and the power goes out. You wish you could just plug into the sky.
    George make me weak at the knees!!He's my favourite for sure. those eyes, that voice. I can't watch the videos right now because I'll wake the sleeping but i can safely say - thanks for sharing!!


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