Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Tuesday tidbits (and tails)

Fabric stash, I just don't have enough fabric, cough cough,  I always decide I am not going to buy any more until I make inroads into what I already have, then something lovely catches my eye which I just have to have.

This week these beautiful fabrics arrived.

Parisville - Mist

Parisville - Pomegranate
These were both from the Fat Quarter Shop. I ordered them ages ago, and for some reason it took nearly 3 weeks to arrive, that's very unusual for it to take so long from there, but they were worth the wait.

This is a fabric bundle from Fabricworm. I love the way they put together co-ordinating prints, it makes it so easy when purchasing online, as you know you are getting fabrics that will work together.  A huge bonus for me when trying to pull fabrics for projects. 

There are lots of lovely bright colours, it must be that it's summer and the weather is very tropical here right now that is influencing me.

Speaking of tropical weather, today was the first day it hasn't been raining cats and dogs. We even saw lots of blue sky during the day.  We had a couple of very light showers, but it was so good to see that there is still blue sky there behind all those clouds. The only down side now that the sun is out..... the humidity. It was only about 26 deg today but felt more like 30+ because of the humidity, yuck. 

I spoke too soon, it's just started raining again.

Only one photo of a fur baby this week, nothing exciting happening in fur baby land. My helper, hanging out next to the computer.  I don't think she wanted her photo taken, she looks less than impressed.


  1. Oh No!! The humidity has arrived here in force too. I nearly melted today. Bring back the cool days till Christmas .....please !

  2. No humidity here and certainly not hot either! Come on over and we could have a chat over a cup of tea whilst looking out at the white frosty world outside.


  3. Lovely fabric. I'm looking forward to seeing what you make out of it :)

  4. I'm busting to get my Parisville. I'm not supposed to be spending money because we've just bought a house but I had a night where I couldn't sleep and I had nightmares that it all sold out and I couldn't get any. Shudder!! So I ordered some, about 1 and a half weeks ago, so any day now...I love the other combo you got from Fabric Worm too!!

  5. Oooooohhhhhh...I like the red stack.

    It wasn't raining at your place because the rain was here. We had torrential rain and roofs ripped off in some parts of town. Thanks so much for sharing.I think we're in for more of the same today.

    It's been my experience that generally cats dont have much of a sense of humour...

  6. What a fun fabricky day at your house! I love ALL of them. :-)

    Lulu is cute as usual, even if she's pretending to ignore you.

  7. Yum to that fabric collection! And I just love your cat :-)

  8. I would NOT be able to stand that level of humidity! NO WAY! Love your little black cat. We had one just like her who died a few years ago and we still miss her, she was such a character and so little and funny. Your fabrics are gorgeous, looking forward to seeing what you create with them.

  9. Parisville is heavenly! I'm not a big splashy print lover usually but these are just to die for.

    Sorry about the heat and rain and misery. Welcome to summer?

    Pretty kitty!


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