Monday, December 6, 2010


It has been wet here, for days now. We haven't seen outrageous rainfall, unlike other parts of Australia, and no flooding here. Two reasons it doesn't flood where I live. Firstly I live on the side of a hill, so if it floods here, we are in very very big trouble, and secondly this area has always had very heavy rainfall it's not uncommon to have 4 inches of rain in a single thunderstorm in less than an hour, the landscape is able to cope very well with heavy rain.

Enough of the geography lesson, lots of rain meant I made the most of the cool weather and tried to make a tiny inroad into my ever growing pile of WIP's which are slowly turning into UFO's.

I finished piecing this quilt top, it has a name too, Spice Boxes. Excuse the very ordinary photo of it, it's just too wet and grey to take photos of it outside and this is the best of a bad bunch. The pattern is a  Kate Conklin design that was in a Down Under Quilts magazine earlier this year.  I just love the colours in this, I started off using the warm palette from Anna Maria Horner's Innocent Crush line and added some Kona solids to break it up as they are beautiful fabrics but very busy. I also wanted to use a few more fabrics from my stash to make it a bit more individual so I added some Castle Peeps, Hope Valley, Deer Valley, and Meadowsweet.  I'm really happy with how it's come together, after a lot of time spent trying to make it look random, I just can't do random random, I have to have controlled random. Now I'm just stressing about how I'm going to quilt it.

After finishing the Spice Boxes top, I tackled the Wonky Owls quilt in an effort to reduce my pile of unfinished 2010 quilts.  After a lot of brow furrowing, swearing and an almost "art installation" moment, where it was quite possibly going to be burnt, stabbed or run over, or all three, I finished the quilting. No photo yet, but in the meantime, a photo of the binding all ready to go.

We also put  up the Christmas tree on the weekend, unlike Mrs P's at QIMP whose tree looks fabulous and very finely dressed, mine looks almost naked. Bitchypoo wanted to go with a blue/silver theme, unfortunately I don't have that many decorations in those colours, and I don't want to buy anymore so it's going to have to stay naked.

 Sorry I had to crop the photo so you couldn't see the disaster zone* in the background. The tree is tall and slim as the layout of the living area means a lovely big fat tree would take up half the floor space.

I bought a couple of decorations in a sale about two weeks ago, they were so cute I couldn't resist.

I'm having second thoughts so I think I'll buy some silver tinsel to make it look a little less forlorn, I can't have a naked Christmas tree.

* The reason the disaster zone in the background - due to the very wet weather, the verandah decking oil still hasn't dried so I can't put any of the furniture back on to it, a lot of it is still taking up space inside. I'm hoping I'll be able to show the big reveal later in the week, that's if it stops raining for a day.

ETA: I didn't buy any tinsel, when I had a look at what was on offer I decided against it.    I am very glad I didn't buy any and thank you all so much for your wonderful and supportive advice. M


  1. You know Marg, I've not been a big fan of modern quilts, but I'm really loving Spice Boxes. The design is so interesting, and the colors are wonderful.

    I really like the silver and blue Christmas tree motif. I didn't think the tree looked at all forlorn.

    Crossing my fingers you get your verandah back in shape very soon!

  2. Spice Boxes is such a great name, perfect for your beautiful quilt. i loved it when you were listing all the ranges the fabrics were from. its a showcase of the best of 2010!!We were taught in florist school that "space is an element of design", you can apply that to your tree if anyone says it looks a bit bare. It looks great to me, especially those bird decorations!

  3. I love that tree - work on the basis of less is more here and you can rea;;y appreciate what you've got as it would be a crime to lose those two little birds in amongst a host of other decorations. I love it as it is.

    Glad you are making inroads on your UFOs!


  4. I hear minimal is in this year, so I think your tree looks very trendy and beautiful.

    Love the Spice Boxes quilt. It is modern adn fresh . I love modern but never seem to be able to pull it off myself. You completely nailed it baby!

  5. I love that quilt. The colours are great and pattern. I've got that sort of square in square on my todo list.

    I've been think about buying that line this weekend as it finally has hit these shores but I wasn't sure. I think you've convinced me.

    I'm made a couple of tops using just one line which I'm really happy with but I think it will be better when I use the rest of the fabric mixed up with other things as well.

  6. I love your spice boxes, all your quilts really speak to me! I was looking thru a quilting magazine someone gave me and all I could think was yuck and then I come and see your quilts....what a difference! I liked your tree too sans tinsel, very tasteful and not nude at all!


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