Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Tuesday tidbits (and tails)

Another couple of the blocks from the long lost BOM.  I'm really starting to love these again. It just shows that if you put aside something that you no longer love, and eventually come back to it, you just might fall in love with it all over again.

I've been tagged by the one and only, wonderful Mrs P, aka Shay at Quilting In My Pyjamas. Thank you Shay.

Now part of receiving this award,  I need to reveal three things I like.

1. Is too easy -  Chocolate. 

2.  Bitchypoo, not necessarily in second place. She can be so lovely and sweet, then she can be such an annoying, teenage Bitchypoo. I love this photo, she hates it.

3. At the moment it's my verandah. Finally finished, I didn't realise how much I used it and took it for granted until I was without it. (Still waiting for the oil to dry, but that's ok.)

Now to pass it on to three lovely bloggers who I think are (in the words of Mrs P) an uber-cool read. It's difficult to pick only three, I really don't like this part of being tagged. How do I pick only three out of all the wonderful blogs I read. 

So here goes,

Rachael at Blue Mountain Daisy, a lovely blog, she is very talented, the quilt that Rachael entered into Amy's Blogger's Quilt Festival is gorgeous. She lives in the Blue Mountains and always has lots of lovely photos.

Cam at Curlypops, one very talented lady. Cam has just started designing her own fabulous fabric range and she is a wizz at whipping up gorgeous items.

Jenni at Baa-me Knits is so clever with a crochet hook, she can do wonders with a piece of yarn, fibre, or just about anything that can be crocheted. Jenni always produces wonderful pieces.

Please don't feel obligated to play along, I just really want everyone to know how much I enjoy reading these blogs.

Now for something completely different.

Lots of lush tropical plants in my backyard.

Scary!  Look at those fangs.  I was trying to take a photo of the verandah outside my bedroom, when I caught this moment. It's very tiring being a fur baby.


  1. Congratulations! Its hard to choose only 3 isnt it? Your verandah looks so inviting i bet you will use it all the time and what better place to sit and take in that wonderful garden of yours. Love the photo of the cat!

  2. Your verandah and garden are fabulous! It puts my backyard full of weeds to shame.
    PS - that really is a cute photo of bitchypoo, and thanks for the tag!

  3. l want one...what a fabulous verandah love....no adore all the tropical planting too...and the fur baby..l've got 3 that look like yours and one black and white
    Great posting..now a follower
    Thanks for sharing
    Hugs Suz x

  4. Ok , Ive seen LOTS of photos of your house and every time it looks more and more gorjuzz!(Practicing teen speak here today)

    Love the garden, so glad that verndah was finished (because it looks sooooo worth the wait) and I didnt know you had a cheetah as apet...check out those teef!

  5. I'd love a verandah, I'd use it for being able to be outside in the garden while it's raining! Your garden does indeed look very tropical, so different to here.

  6. I love your BOM too. What pretty fabrics and interesting designs.

    Your back yard is gorgeous and the veranda is icing on the cake! You definitely do live in paradise.

    xo -El

  7. Yikes!!!! Thats my name!! I almost fell off my chair!! What an honour!! Thank you!! Golly!! I've just had my breakfast but I could eat that block of chocolate. Love your yawning fur baby.

  8. Those long lost blocks are simply fabulous! I'm so glad you've rediscovered them.

    Heck, I think your verandah could be one of MY favorite things. I think I'll sell all my worldly possessions and come live on your verandah. :-)

  9. So glad you are taking up that old project. I love it and it looks like you have put so much work into it.
    Love the verandah and the back garden is lovely.

  10. I can just imagine sitting there with my laptop commenting on blogs in the freezing UK....lucky you!! Your black cat looks as though he/she (?) could kill a few mice (do you get them where you are). One of my cats brought in a dead, headless rat last night !!!

  11. Love your verandah and those fangs = fangtstic! thanks for the award, I am going to be addressing those type of things after the christmas rush :-) Hope the rain isn't too bad down your way?? Seems to be all over the state! We are waiting for a xmas deluge so hopefully our power wont go out or we are in the same boat you are. Roads are already cut to the south so supermarkets will empty quickly ......hooray for holidays :-)


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