Friday, December 10, 2010

Favourite Things Friday

Warning: lots of photos

This week my absolutely favourite thing is my verandah, I can show you some lots of photos.


The side used as a dumping ground.

The nicer side, but still messy, not staged for the photo, note the bucket under the table!

The water tank at the end of the verandah, that has been moved as it was handy but an eyesore.

Notice the boards in one photo are running parallel with the house, in the other photo they are at right angles. This is because the joists that the boards sit on all run the same way and the verandah wraps around two sides of the house.  Cleared of most of the furniture and junk, ready to be pulled up, it doesn't look so bad from this angle, but take a look below! I was so scared that someone would fall 6 metre (20 feet) through the boards.

Boards almost finished, Bailey and Karma checking it out. Bailey is more likely checking out some birds in the tree and working out how he can get to them.

Oiled and waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting for it to dry.
Unfortunately we had very very wet warm and humid weather and it's taken a week for the oil to dry.  It's dry enough to walk on and I've put the seating out there, it doesn't move around and shouldn't scratch, but I want to wait another few days before I put the table and chairs back, as I don't want them scratching the surface.

Still some plumbing bits and pieces in the background, the guttering and plumbing to the rain water tanks isn't finished (next week, fingers crossed.  
The decorating isn't finished yet, I still have more to do and fine tune where everything is placed, but I wanted to show you for FTF this week.

My hammock, and  below, the view from my hammock, heaven!!!!! This is why I had to show you my verandah for FTF, I finally have space again for it on the verandah and it's  ready for the lazy days of summer.

To see more of this weeks favourite things,  you can visit Shay at Quilting In My Pyjamas.


  1. Lucky lucky you having that hammock on your veranda with that amazing view. Love that cute little balck cat too!


  2. Ahhhh! Now we know why you have been so anxious to get it all finished. I bet it is lovely and cool out there too.
    Swinging in your hammock, long cool drink in hand, eyes half closed, music playing in the background......mmmmmmmm!

  3. Oh, my gosh - I'm so jealous right now!!! Your verandah looks like a resort! I know I keep saying this about your surroundings, but ours are quite bleak right now and it's 19 degrees currently!

    I love, love, love the wood, the staining, the oil, and I especially love the decorating you've done thus far. You have a real knack for creating welcoming and beautiful spaces!

    Great job, and I'm so glad neither the workers nor your friends have fallen the 20 ft from your verandah!

    If it were me, I'd be sitting out there all the time!!! Enjoy, friend!

  4. Wow-oh-wow! What a gorgeous verandah! Can I come live on your back porch please? I won't scratch a thing, as I'll be walking around barefoot. ;o) Beautiful and fabulous favorite! Thanks for sharing. Happy FTF! :o)

  5. I almost posted my deck at the cottage this week, but with the snow around us...I'll keep it for a later date.
    I so love this verandah, it's inviting and worthy of a photo shoot for any magazine that has quilts, flowers, and fabulous furniture. What a have it all you lucky gal!

  6. I am so jealous! I would kill for your verandah! It is perfect in every way ....

  7. Oh, I love your veranda and frankly, I am quite jealous at how beautiful it turned out. :D

    Glad you have such a pretty place to "retreat" to when you want.

  8. Wow, it's so beautiful! It must feel heavenly to sit/relax/do whatever out there. I can see why it's a favorite thing!

  9. What a Beautiful Verandah!
    Thanks for sharing!

  10. I am so envious of your perpetually warm weather, your verandah, and your view. Fabulous! Not hard to see why it's one of your favorite things.

  11. Speaking as someone from a very icy, cold part of northern England, I am so jealous of your lovely warm weather - so humid your oil wouldn't dry? Don't complain - it's been -15 up here!!! I love your view too - how wonderful to swing in the hammock and just dream !

  12. Every time I see your verandah pictures I see myself with a cocktail in hand sitting out there shooting the breeze with you and talking trash after my 4th cocktail.

    I LOVE the day lounge. I'd love one of those here but I can see Indy and Lola would believe it was put there solely for their benefit and it would look stunning for all of 5 minutes.

    I'll be on the next plane. Get out the cocktail shaker baby!

  13. Wow. I need to move to paradise. That verandah is spectacular! Thanks for sharing.

    xo -El

  14. I can see why the verandah is one of your favorite things! It is beautiful!

  15. What a great view from your hammock, I'd never get any sewing done if I had a space like that! The veranda looks terrific! Please spare a quick thought for those of us who've had to pull out the winter duds and put another quilt on the bed when you are out in your sunny, warm, humid veranda.

  16. It looks AMAZING! Sunshine? Paradise? I THINK SO!!!! :0)

    You lucky thing - enjoy x

  17. wow......that looks fabulous marg.....lucky you, living in such a wonderful place......more pictures please

  18. Nice!!! Very Nice!! and Love that view!!

  19. I can see why you love the verandah! What a perfect spot :-)


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