Saturday, December 18, 2010

Summer storms

I have promised to try and take more photos of the area I live in. Last week as I was driving home, I pulled over to take some photos of storm clouds building to the north. These were taken on my phone, as usual I had forgotten to take my camera.  They are (kind of) taken viewing from south west to north west. I stopped at a lookout which looks across the valley, lovely views but the bad weather almost always comes up and across this valley. This storm was too far north to affect us. If you double click on the photos you should be able to enlarge them.

This last photo taken along the road to my house, looking at the back of another set of storm clouds that were affecting the coast even further north.


The last two photos were taken Thursday evening less than three minutes apart, after the power had gone off but before the storm hit.


  1. Ummmmm..I want more verandah photos.

    That last one looks a bit scary. Check out the clouds in the second and third ones - they look like cotton wool.

    Im am often envious of where you live. My place isnt anywhere near as exciting.

  2. So pretty! It does look like you live in paradise. :-) When I think of Australia, I think of all sorts of beautiful vistas, but never realized there was such a lush place there as well.

  3. Great photos, even if they were taken on a mobile!! I love cloud watching and there's nothing quite like the approach of a storm.


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