Sunday, December 19, 2010

Saturday's storm

To keep on my theme of weather/thunderstorms. No I'm not obsessed.  I took this video to show just how much rain came down in the storm yesterday (Saturday). We don't have any naturally running water here, this is just the run off from my property and the next door neighbours, after having two inches of rain in about an hour.  I am do glad I live on a hill! 

It's a little wobbly I was still keeping half an eye on the storm hoping that the lightning had moved on.
I had already been standing out on the verandah before the storm, and I heard the sound of lightning before the strike, a very disconcerting electrical sizzle. Something I have never heard before and I never want to hear again. I do not know how I didn't get hit, I was very very lucky. I had a nice headache for the next couple of hours though.

Warning, it is really loud, not quite as loud as if you had been standing here.


  1. That's a little scary actually. That's a lot of water and it sounds and looks like you're getting a drenching.

    I was reading there had been thousands of lightning strikes in your area this week.

    When I heard your rain yesterday I couldnt believe how hard it was coming down. Are you due for more of the same?

  2. Eke! Electric sizzle is way too close for comfort. While your viewing public enjoys your pics and video, don't endanger yourself!

    I do see why your area looks so lush though. :-)


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