Thursday, December 2, 2010


This is becoming difficult, it took me a little longer to find an interesting and appropriate adjective today.  The dictionary is my friend!

We have had very humid weather here, approx 90% humidity, temp. approx.  26 C (78F)  and I've been working slaving away on the wonky owl quilt, quilting in the ditch. About half way through I decided it would have been better to be a bit more daring. Rather than unpick it all, I finished quilting in the ditch on every block and I'm now trying to decide how I should be more daring.  

All the blocks are finished, and I spent the last two days arranging and re-arranging the 30 blocks.

The HST quilt is now quilted, bound, washed and dried. I am going to try very hard from now on to not make any more quilts using only the one line. I much prefer to use a whole range of fabrics, it feels much more exciting.

Lamb and Greek salad with marinated lamb, marinated feta, cucumber, capsicum, tomato, Cos lettuce,  (no olives as I didn't have any, much to my surprise), and tzatziki,  and yes that does look like the world's largest dollop of Tzatziki. It's an optical illusion, trust me!

I was hoping to go for a walk and take some photos to show you the views around here, but it has been so wet it will have to wait until the weather improves and the cloud lifts.


  1. Lots of quilty goodness in this post! Lunch looks delicious!

  2. Can only say ditto to Rachaeldaisy! Lots of snow here so salad not a welcome lunch though.


  3. Love the crinkly goodness that is the HST quilt. Send it on down if you hate it.

    Lamb salad..mmmmm...yum.

    And I am waiting waiting waiting to see how you get creative on the wonky owls...

  4. I LOVE the owl quilt! As for quilting it, do you do FMQ?

    The next quilt whose name escapes me is so full of whimsy. It's just fun. :-)

    The HST quilt is simply lovely, but you're a gal after my own heart--gotta use a variety of fabrics. I can tell Lulu approves.

    Beautiful salad.

  5. You made me go get the dictionary!

    The quilts are beautiful. I love the owl! You have been working very hard.

    Your lamb salad looks really yummy! I love greek food, but have a hard time finding anything greek here.

  6. I am catching up on your posts as I am staying at my friends house in Cairns b4 flying to Sydney in the morning....I think days of rushing around to get ready and the Guiness I have just had to unwind have made it impossible to pronounce your post tonight.... Nice salad tho ;-)

  7. Lots of excellent reading here, many thanks! I was browsing on yahoo when I discovered your submit, I’m going to add your feed to Google Reader, I look forward to a lot more from you.


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