Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Tuesday tidbits (and tails)

Quite a few photos of what's happening around Chez Sunshine.

I found these in my craft magazines/books stash when I was looking for something else. Wow I had forgotten about these, they are old, really old, take a look at that woman's outfit, it looks like something from Picnic at Hanging Rock. I think I might find some inspiration in these for a future quilt. That's to add to 3482 that are already on my list.

I also found this, I hadn't forgotten about it, but.......

I had started this as a BOM about 8 or 9 yrs ago, and although the blocks are very pretty I lost interest and didn't feel like finishing it.  I am still playing with some ideas of what to do with the blocks I have finished. (9 years of thinking about it, what is the chance of it actually happening)

They need a good press. I think I've finished 11 of the blocks, and I have all the fabric to finish it, I just don't want to!!!!

Some photos from today, not very nice weather but still warm and humid. That is a huge pile of mulch. The people across the road were having trees cut down and the guys that were cutting and mulching came over and asked me if I would like it, woo hoo, would I ever, yay. Now I just have to use the wheelbarrow to move 7 squillion cubic metres of it (at least it is all down hill).

Some tropical pinkness in the garden. Medenilla, bromeliad and pink frangipani.

 Coast Banksia develops from this
to this.

I've been quilting away today at the wonky owls quilt. Slow going but nearly there.

Last but not least.

Nice haircut!


  1. Love the doggie haircut - looks like mine!! Those blue blocks are too nice to hide away - have you got enough for a lap quilt perhaps or even a set of cushion covers? I know I started lessons on a sampler quilt and gave up after the first 4 or 5 but at least I have a set of cushions to show for my efforts!!

    Thanks for some greenery and flowers can almost feel the damp heat whereas here it is dry but so very cold!!


  2. You cant rush genius (Im talking about the block of the month quilt here ). I really like the blocks you showed. What dont you like about the rest?

    Love the flowers and did Karma say Thankyou for the Haircut?

  3. Love those wonky owls, looks fantastic and so does your garden.
    Cute pooch!

  4. Karma is the cutest thing - I won't even show his picture to my kids - they'd have me in the car to the next pet store! :)

    I am beyond jealous of your back yard - it looks like a resort!! Good luck with the mulch - I would suggest wearing gloves - we had a crapload of mulch to spread during our spring and I got some serious blisters on my hands! Can't wait to see the "after pics".

    Thanks for sharing your pics!!
    do you like picasa any better?

  5. Maybe there's a place you could donate the blocks. They are lovely. :-)

    Soaking up the pics of your tropical paradise. Beautiful flowers!

    Karma is such a cutie!

  6. Is squillion an Aussie word?

    Your garden is so beautiful - I am very envious!

    I love the quilt pattern and would love to have it when you are finished with it in the next 13 years. I will start buying fabric for it now! Of course, it will take me about 7 years after you mail it to me to get it started and then at least 19 to finish it!

    Cute puppy!

  7. I really like that Blue Collection, but if it doesn't grab you its real hard to finish isn't it! My friend just told me there is someone in town who will finish your UFO's for you....how crazy is that! Is the woman mad??

    Lovely garden and nice doggie haircut :-)

  8. I like that BOM. The blocks you've done look great! Your flowery garden shots are proof you live in paradise. Your dog made me laugh!!

  9. Sorry I'm so late with this comment but I just had to say I LOVE the blocks you've made already. Don't abandon it ,it looks terrific and you've already done quite a few.
    Funny haircut !!!obviously a personality hiding there.


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