Thursday, November 4, 2010

One Christmas present finished

Last week Mrs P and I were discussing Christmas presents, and what tutorials were out in blog land that would be quick to finish and easy to understand.  We found quite a few but the stand out one was this journal cover from Bloom and Blossom.

I left it to Mrs P to try out first, because I'm lazy pathetic at trying out new things and I wanted someone else to try it before I did. If something doesn't work for me I usually throw it in the corner and forget about it forever.  After seeing Mrs P's absolutely gorgeous creation I was pretty sure I could make one too. I'm so glad I did, it was relatively easy, just a bit of a  huh? moment in one part of the tutorial, but I soon figured it out. So here it is

I used some left over pieces from the Japanese jelly roll quilt, and I bought the lovely red fabric from my LQS.

I'm so happy with it, I'm going to make some more, .............................................eventually. 

My baby (who is nice at the moment so I won't call her bitchypoo today) has been sewing too. She is making either Hooty or Tweet,  not sure which one, from Melly and Me.


  1. That looks very nice someone will enjoy it for Christmas, and more red! I have some of that fabric in black with white pattern.

  2. love it!
    That's great your daughter is enjoying your love of crafty creations!
    I feel like we're just entering in to grumpy-ville with our middle daughter, and she's only many years until she's consistently happy again?

  3. Is DD feeling OK? Where did all this sudden craftiness come from. I think it's arse kicking awesome she's interested. Miss P cant even thread a needle.

    I love the way your journal turned out. I was hanging to see how this would look in printed fabric. I think you just inspired me to make another one of these. It looks gorgeous.

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