Monday, November 8, 2010

A couple of valuable lessons

Firstly, I learned last week I can't sew half square triangles using a 1/4 inch foot. Well, I can but they look like crap if I do.

I need to use the ordinary (is that the technical term?) foot. They aren't too bad in the above photo, but the "little miss perfect" side of me would have liked them to be more accurate than that.  However, the "I can't be bothered doing it again" side of me won out and this is how they're going to stay.

Do NOT click on the photo to enlarge, as you will probably find some more glaringly obvious spots where the seams didn't meet, but overall I'm quite pleased with how it turned out. The colour is a little too pastel/soft for me, but it was a good exercise to try half square triangles, and it will be a nice size baby quilt when it's all finished.
You did click on it, didn't you!

The second thing I learned last week is,  if you want to feed a kookaburra on the verandah don't leave the door open.

If you feed the kookaburra, and if you leave the sliding door open after you have gone inside, the kookaburra will follow you inside to see what else you have for it. This will cause the fur baby that is the most quiet easy going of all your fur babies, Karma (Mr Innocent), to turn into a crazed, I want to kill a Kookaburra maniac. He was worse than the cats.
Mr Innocent, he does look slightly possessed doesn't he, (or possibly spaced out).

Try wrangling two cats that are still finding it hard to believe that all their Christmases have come at once in the shape of a large feathered three course meal, a dog that has gone absolutely berserk, whilst running around the house opening as many doors as possible so that the kookaburra can find it's way out, hoping that you won't frighten it even more.

The good news, the kookaburra found it's way out of the house, intact and without leaving any deposits behind, phew, in fact double phew, as it flew over the dining table covered by all my fabric a number of times. It didn't seem to be too traumatised by the whole adventure, as it came back the next day for some more food.


  1. Phew is right! You could have had a real disaster on your hands there. Glad it all worked out as I love kookas.
    I confess I did click but I thought you had matched up pretty well. You'll notice I don't get that close with my photos. I can't even match up squares consistently but we're going for an overall effect aren't we?
    HelenPs Forgot to say it looked good to me!!!!

  2. Aaarrggh! Thank goodness there were no deposits!
    I'm intrigued - why can't you use a 1/4 inch foot for those triangles (I know nothing much about quilting).

  3. I think you're being way too hard on yourself about the sewing of that quilt top. It looks fantastic.

    Thank goodness Mr. Kookaburra survived his big adventure. And so did Mr. Innocent. And so did you.

  4. Sounds like an exciting time was had by all :-)

    And yes I did look and I can't see anything wrong with it....looks beautiful to me!

    Are you a virgo???

  5. I'd say that bird looks a little creepy to me.
    And poor Karma just looks distressed!
    Glad it all worked out :)


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