Friday, November 26, 2010

Favourite Things Friday

Ooh it's Friday again, I'm sure the weeks are getting shorter, so it's time to link up with  Mrs P for FTF.

Fit Flops

We live in a sub tropical climate, it's warm/mild most of the year, and really stinking hot and humid for a lot of the summer.  Footwear of choice for me, is usually something that has as little foot coverage as possible, sandals or flip flops (they are called thongs here in Australia, I know, that has a whole different meaning in the rest of the universe, we like to be different here! e.g. Vegemite - need I say more!)  Anyway, most of the warmer months I took to wearing Havaianas (flip flops) as they come in a zillion different colours and have really cool patterns, they are oh so fashionable for the young at heart and everyone well almost everyone wears them here. I wore these a lot, pretty much every day if I wasn't dressing up to go out somewhere special, and that doesn't happen very often.  The problem with wearing flip flops all day every day is that they are really really bad for your feet.

I found out the hard way.

The beginning of last summer I could barely walk, with or without shoes, my feet have never been so sore in my life.  I found that wearing my Birkenstocks helped a little, so went to the local shop to buy another pair.  While I was there the salesperson talked me into buying a pair of Fit Flops instead, I'm so glad she did, oh my, they are good. In fact so good I went back and bought some more.

I have these 3 styles and possibly more in my closet. They are not cheap, and I initially baulked at the price tag for a pair of flip flops, but they are worth every cent.
I wore them everyday for about 6 weeks, even when I was walking around the house, as walking in bare feet hurt a lot, a real lot.  Not only did they make my feet feel better, they made me feel heaps better, and the cherry on top was that I had been getting a little bit of sciatica (comes with old age) and after wearing these it went away. And the bonus, I can wear high heels again. Not for long but hey, at least I can wear them now.
These days I wear Fit flops as much as possible, not exactly a high fashion statement but I don't want to go back to feeling the way I did last summer. They are great for walking for exercise, umm, they would be if I actually did any!!!

Fit flops are my favourite thing this week.

P.S. Fit flops are not paying me to say this, I just love them lots. Sorry no pics of my feet in them today, I need to make my feet look pretty before I take photos. Hmmm you may be waiting a very long time.


  1. Your feet would be frozen in those here this morning! They look good though and meybe worth a thought for next summer.


  2. Are they ones that correct your posture and burn more energy when you wear them. I have just bought Earth thongs, and walkers (which I think are similar to those that you have shown) because I have had heel spurs for years and now it is affecting my hip and knee. I have only had them a couple of weeks and I am still getting use to them but I think they are starting to help.

  3. I have just bought some Earth shoes which I think are similar to those (are they posture correcting shoes). I have heel spurs and they are starting to affecting my hip and knee. I am still getting use to them. My main problem is that they are giving me blisters in spots but walking is better.

  4. Sounds like I need to investigate these, they look good.

  5. I'm not sure whether they are posture correcting shoes, but they certainly help with the way you place your foot, and they are supposed to work your muscles a lot, that's if you actually exercise in them like you are supposed to do, I don't!!!

  6. I will have to check these out. I have one foot that to go without shoes and with most shoes is so painful!
    They look nice too.

  7. I don't like the straps between my toes, but I get the flip flops, I love to go barefoot in the summer.

    Like you, I got to the point I could not walk without pain. I saw a podiatrist a few years ago, between the exercies and the show inserts, I have few problems now.

  8. you'd have frostbite here too....
    0' this morning ... I've never been able to wear flipflops and well, I only own one pair -- and I don't think I've ever wore them....but the sequined ones could convert me !

  9. I wear Crocs and can't imagine my life without them. I also have at east 8 pairs n different colours and never have tired feet.
    I wear them now as I recoup from hip replacement.

  10. Your tootsies would have been frosty here this morning!
    I too love flip flops and have been meaning to invest in some Fit Flops for the past couple of years but ended up getting loads of birkenstocks instead which I live in during the summer.

  11. I've never heard of Fit Flops, but they do look comfortable. And if they cured your achey feetsies, then that's awesome.

    HA! We used to call flip flops thongs too until thong took on another meaning.

  12. Oh, those are so cute! I'm going to Google Fit Flops now and see if I can work them into my budget next spring. Winter has set in (snow and ice and COLD) for now, and I'm dreaming of warm already.

    Great FTF.

    xo -El

  13. I wear my flip flops all the time during summer. I have about three pairs.

    I bought Miss P a pair of Havaianas about 5 years ago and screeched at the price. Then I bought myself a pair three years ago and finally understood the love.

    Love your fit flops too but I dont think they're in my budget for this summer.

    This post was so summery!

  14. I like the looks of those fit flops, they look super comfy. If this house weren't so flippin' cold, I'd seriously think about them. I'm glad they make your feet happy, and your back too!

  15. I love those Fit Flops also but I have to admit that up here in all the wet tropical weather its Crocs all the way for me......I hate wet feet and the mud is usually red so any decent shoes are ruined in one step! Crocs can be chucked in the washing machine!! :-)


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