Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Social butterflies

I have survived a whirl of social activities in paradise this last weekend.
The social outings began on Saturday. Bitchypoo and I had a very nice lunch with my mum and dad at the Boathouse Restaurant in Noosaville,  the view from the restaurant was just beautiful.  Look at that sky, I love spring, beautiful weather and not too warm or humid.

In the afternoon we went to see the new Lexus LFA. It was invitation only and guess who scored an invitation!!!

Now apparently this is a  REALLY REALLY REALLY BIG DEAL, just ask any testosterone filled car enthusiast.  It is THE latest Supercar.  There are currently only 6 LFA's in the world. This one is on it's way to Sydney for the Motor Show then off to Dubai to it's new owner. We weren't allowed to touch it, only look at it. Bitchypoo is a bit of a car enthusiast and thought it was "pimp", I assume that is good, she took lots of photos on my phone as we left the camera at home....again. It's worth, from memory, roughly $750,000 Aus dollars which is about the same $US  or approx 450,000 British Pounds.  I can think of lots of better ways to spend that much money. As you can guess, it didn't really float my boat, but now I can tell everyone I've been this close to an LFA!!! Ha!

On Saturday night it was a girlfriend's birthday get together. We had a really lovely evening with a great bunch of people.

Sunday we drove to Brisbane to go to the Brisbane Food and Wine Festival. You might remember I won tickets to the Cupcake Class and entrance to the festival. Of course as usual, I left my camera at home so only had my phone to take photos, and they are not very good. As it was I nearly forgot to take any photos at all.

 Cupcakes in progress. Neither of us were feeling particularly creative.

We spent the rest of the time at the show taste testing and sampling an awful lot of the products, entering competitions to win cars and all sorts of things I can't remember.  It was a fabulous day out and I'm going to make sure I go next year.

Sunday night we went to Ahmet's Restaurant at Southbank. It's a Turkish restaurant, the same one I went to a few months ago.

A couple more of these were consumed by me, (not bitchypoo). Turkish Delight Martini.

Monday morning we went to the GOMA (Gallery of Modern Art in Brisbane) to see the Valentino Retrospective.  A fabulous display of Valentino gowns from 1959 onwards. There were some amazing creations in the display and some not so fabulous too!

All in all another great weekend, and I'm going to need the week to recover!


  1. Looks like a good time was had by all!


  2. Impressive weekend - nice car and cupcakes!! Will have a look at some more of your posts later tonight (gotta get off and get tea lol)

  3. And to think I sat on my bum and did sweet FA while you were galivanting round making cupcakes, and pimping ridesm, and drinking cocktails.

    Sounds like you had awesome fun. Im a teeny tiny bit jealous.

  4. What a perfect, perfect weekend! Although, were things a little on the grumpy side if your daughter's name was "bitchypoo" in this post? :)

    What did you order at the turkish restaurant. I love, love, love Mediterranean/Middle Eastern food, and I'm kinda jealous that you have exotic places to eat!

    glad you had a fun weekend!!!


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