Thursday, November 11, 2010

One UFO finished

Using up a little more of my stash of Martinique and a fat quarter of ???(sorry I have no idea what it is),  my second christmas present is now finished.  I started this cushion months ago,  it was a WIP and turned into a UFO and languished in a box until yesterday.

I could have ironed the centre panel a little better, I'm hoping that with the insert inside it will settle all the creases out. The back is envelope style and I used the same fabric that I used in the sashing on this coin quilt.

I really need to start working on bright colours again, I'm starting to get withdrawal symptoms.


  1. Beautiful - I am in awe of those who can do this sort of patchwork! Those little puffs on the cushion remind me of little biscuits available here called iced gems which were always favourites with my daughter as a child!. I love the colours too and the fabrics are right up my street and just the sort of thing I would make if only I could!!


  2. Love it Marg. The colours are lovely though I know you hanker for bright colours and I love that it is a bit different in its design with those little bobbly thingies.

  3. Marg that cushion is really lovely! I love the little buttons?? on the front, it really makes it. Whoever is getting that for xmas is sure to love it!!

  4. Love the cushion Marg, those little puffs just set it off. The fabrics are really nice, but I get what you are saying about getting back to the bright colours.

  5. Beautiful Marg. Love the yo -yo's on front. They take this from beautiful to freakin' gorgeous. Whoever receives this is going to love it.

  6. Now, see, I love the cool colors, and the red in there is just divine!
    Great job, Marg.

  7. Really charming! Love the mini yo-yos, adorable. Lucky recipient who gets this gift!

  8. Do you want to keep this for yourself? I would if I'd made it.


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