Sunday, November 21, 2010


Bitchypoo's quilt top finished.

It's impossible to take a photo of anything without one of the cats, especially Lulu.  I'm sure she thinks she is the feline equivalent of Paris Hilton.
I spent quite a bit of time with the layout so that it was "random". Unfortunately I forgot that the quilt top is so large it hangs over the sides of the bed and you can't see all of it at once. It doesn't quite look as good when you can't see all of it. That's my excuse anyway.
It does look better in real life, but neither of us are sure we like this now that it is completed, sigh! 

So on to something else.
I'm not sure whether I like this either.  I started quilting it this afternoon, and I'm occasionally having trouble keeping the stitching straight when I go across a seam. I'm hoping that when it's washed and all crinkly the odd glitch in the quilting will disappear.

Maybe it's the weather that is affecting how I feel. I live in paradise a grey damp and windy place at the moment, (very unparadise like), and very unseasonal weather too. It's more like winter weather here. My idea of winter is 20C (70F), yes I know, that's not winter for the rest of the universe.

I am allowed to show one of the photos (cropped) taken after graduation, when she (bitchypoo) was leaving in the rain, to go to the formal.

P.S. Ironic, ambivalent? I'm working on expanding my vocabulary, he he he


  1. By Jove, I think you've swallowed the Oxford dictionary Little Miss Sunshine.

    Miss BP's dress looks lovely. Does she know you're showing arse shots on your blog?

    Dont you hate it when you make a quilt and you think "Meh".You neither love it or hate it. Sounds like the one I worked on friday night!

    Are you straight line quilting on the diagonal with the HST's?

    How many quilts have you done this year ? Im curious. It seems like youve done stacks!

    By the way it was 30 here today. 21tonight. Bliss.

  2. I was going to guess that you were going to name your blog posts with adjectives from now on! :)

    Your daughter looks beautiful (I thin, it's kinda hard to tell) :) Did she have fun at the formal?

    I like the quilt tops, especially the first one!!

    Our son is like your cat, he always tries to get into every picture -

    thanks for sharing your weekend!

  3. Well I like both of the quilts and the cats obviously approve too and they know a thing or two! Thanks for the photo cropped - could be anyone anywhere but we'll believe you!!!


  4. Your daughter's dress is pretty. And her quilt is too. I'm sure you'll love it again after it is quilted and washed and crinkly.

    Also, loving your HST quilt. And it will also look fabulous after it is quilted.

    xo -El

  5. I love both of your quilts. I always go through a phase of disliking what I'm working on at some point through the process. Im already wondering what your next word will be.

  6. oh it is always such fun to sneak a peek to catch up. Love your is such a wonderful colour to work with...clearly Lulu thinks so too!
    M x

  7. Ha, ha! so we do get to see a little photo. The dress looks lovely- and unusual - and I hope she had a good time.
    I like both quilts and think the pinky one is especially nice. Just give it time. I'm usually a bit disappointed with things at first but after I've had a bit of time and looked a them every time I pass the room, I come to like them.

  8. A lot of times I feel ambivalent about a quilt until I put it away for a couple of weeks, then look at it again. Then I take it out and it's all brand new. I think after working on something so long I just get tired of it. However when it's been out of my mind for awhile then I remember why I liked it in the first place.

    Personally, I think the colors in BP's quilt are just so tropically yummy. I can see that Lulu does approve.

    And Bailey has given his approval to the half triangle quilt, which is also quite wonderful.

    You just need some sunshine in paradise. :-)

  9. Oh and your daughter's dress looks lovely. Will she let you show the front?

  10. I also think both quilts are lovely. I think I favor your daughters quilt because of the colors.

    I hope we get to see more of her dress. Did she have a blast? I hope so, my baby got a chance to go to 2 formals even though I homeschooled her. She loved the process of getting dressed up and looking like a princess for an evening! I had to cry a little when she left, she was so grown up.

  11. Wow, youre quilts look fantastic, love the fabrics in the pink one! I get like that with stuff i make too, i think you just get sick of looking at the same thing all the time.

    Your daughters dress for her formal looks lovely too! hope the weather improves!

  12. What is there not to like about that quilt??? I guess its a bit like the baby blues, a bit deflated after all the hard work :-)
    Love the dress, what we can see of it ;-) It was raining up here for graduation as well and all the poor kids got totally drowned.....


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