Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Tuesday tidbits (and tails)

Now that I have paid the huge fee, I am going to make the most of it and post squillions of photos, te he he.

stalked followed this lady around the airport last week trying to take a photo of her lovely top. I should have just asked her if I could take a photo, it would have been easier, and I wouldn't have looked quite so suspicious. Lucky nobody noticed and I wasn't dragged away by security.

Spring and warmer temperatures means frangipani in the garden, heaven!

The opposite of heaven, this is what my verandah looks like right now, that's a 6 metre (20 feet) drop down there. I can't wait 'til they finish. It's going to look great but I didn't realise how much I would miss it whilst it is being renovated.

 This is a daily problem. Trying to type is not easy.

The first time I have ever seen them sleep this close together. They usually fight if they are this close.

Bailey, what more can I say! He stayed in that purple plastic bin all afternoon.
 Another great place for sleeping, a nice comfortable bowl with a piece of wood in it.

Lulu looks like a bat with her paws out to the side, this is how she sleeps most of the time, weird, seriously weird.

Last but not least, ta dah,

PS. If you don't hear from me in a few days I will more than likely be found suffering the consequences of posting this photo.


  1. Tuesday simply wouldnt be complete with out a cats arse picture...

    Miss BP looks rockin'. I hope you manage to survive her wrath!

    Similarly I hope your verandah is finished very soon. (how many times have you amost forgotten you dont have a floor since they pulled it up?)

  2. That cardigan has me spellbound. It has really unusual shapes. I'm quite sure that I would have been caught staring if I'd come across her in public!
    PS - great photo!

  3. Gee I like the crochet top too. not my usual taste but I like it much better than ones made with squares.
    Watch out for that verandah ! Hope it is finished soon.

  4. LOve that top - just what I need if you have read my latest post! Love the cats too - don't they always know where to look good and they can be comfy in the darndest places. Hope you don't suffer too much for posting Miss BPs pic - lovely girl!


  5. Wow! What a wonderful bunch of photos. I'm glad you're getting your $5 worth. :-)

    No wonder you stalked the woman. That is one of the most beautiful and interesting crocheted sweaters I've ever seen.

    I can see why you're missing the verandah. I'd spend most of my time there if it were mine.

    Love the cat photos. Lulu does look like a bat! I've seen cats lay with their paws turned under when they are awake with their head up, but never sleeping.

  6. P.S. BP shouldn't be upset that you posted her picture. She looks great!

  7. The verandah looks seriously scary - I've not got a head for heights. BP looks beautiful. So pleased I'm not the only one who takes sneaky photos of things - usually while I'm 'pretending' to send a text - people must think I text at really weird angles lol. Great moggie photos too.

    Too right - you get your monies worth ;0)

  8. I can just smell those frangipanis!
    Love your furry babies!!especially the one in the bowl!! The crochet cardigan was worth stalking! That's a lovely photo of your daughter. Keep all those great photos coming!!

  9. Oh that cardi! Thanks for stalking - I love it! And Nice to see you too :-)

  10. Beautiful quilts! Glad you reached the final stage on BPs.

    I've been blogging and have over 900 photos in my album but still only used 8% of my space. That must be because I "websize" my photos and they are counted at a smaller rate. I got this idea from the Lazy Gal Quilter's blog.

  11. I loved the thought of you stalking that woman to get a photo, but then you have had years of practice with the daughter!


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