Friday, November 12, 2010

Favourite Things Friday

It's time for Favourite Things Friday so go and check out Mrs P at Quilting In My Pyjamas and take a look at all the interesting favourites that have been linked to FTF this week.

This week's favourite for me are cook books. I love cooking and I love cookbooks.  I have lots and lots of cookbooks.  My cookbooks cover cuisine from all around the world, including middle east, greek, italian, asian. Books from celebrity chefs, kids cookbooks,  Australian Women's Weekly cookbooks, lots of low fat and healthy cooking books.

 All these cupboards have some cookbooks in them.
 The books below are in my bookcase, not in the kitchen.

 The two stacks below are not all cookbooks but there are a couple in each of them.
 I am sure there are a few more lying around that I haven't included.

The thing is, I have so many cookbooks I can never remember which book a recipe is in, so lately if I want to find a recipe I go to the internet, and my website of choice is A website that has thousands of recipes from most good Australian food magazines.  I just have to type the main ingredients that I want to cook with, and up pop lots of recipes to choose from. I can save it into my online cookbook file or print it off and add it to the hundreds of recipes in my folder, (that I haven't shown you). 
I still love browsing though all my cookbooks when I have the time and  marking recipes for future use and I will keep on buying cookbooks, but maybe not quite as often, primarily as I am running out of places to put them!


  1. Wow you sure have lots of cookbooks.
    The thing is do you really use them? I find that I often only cook one thing from each cookbook and that my cooking is mainly recipes from family and friends when they cook me something I really love then give me the recipe.
    At least you have lots of book shelves too!

  2. Holy moly - you weren't kidding about having a lot of cookbooks!! I'm excited to check out your website. I don't keep many cookbooks because the internet takes up way less space in our house. But, your cookbooks are beautiful and they fill your bookshelves in very colorful ways! love your ftf! I could look through cookbooks all day. How many Ina Garten ones do you have? I have one and it's one of my faves.

  3. My guy collects cook books too, he'd really enjoy visiting your cookbook library. He does use them, much to my good fortune. He is excellant in the kitchen.

  4. very colour coordinated! It will keep meal time interesting with all the choices, now you can to make a post from one or two books!

  5. Thats a hell of a of cook books! I've got a shelf load but mainly because they were my Mums and when she downsized I inherited all the books! I don't spend much time using them either.

  6. And that is why I email you when I need recipes.

    I suspect that is the largest cookbook collection I gave ever seen outside of my local library.

    What an amazing collection! I love how they look on the shelves.

    Can you make a menu plan for me for ...say, the next month please.

    Loved your FTF !

  7. I was struck by how much the picture of your cookbooks looks like bolts of fabric. Books...fabric. I'm sure it's a winning combination! :-) What an awesome collection of cookbooks.

  8. Marg, I had a good laugh when I saw all your cook books...I thought I had a lot...but win!

    Do you only have to pay blogspot if you have picasa...i dont have picasa, so hope my photos on my blog are not going there anyway.

  9. I just love books....any books! I can tell you a good online book site if your interested!! :-)


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